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  1. BMW Berlin Marathon 2017 - Sun 24th.Sept, 9:15am

    have...u go Berlin marathon Facebook page...if u guess the correct winning time, free slot to 2018 edition....no free oktofest though hahaha
  2. Green Race Forest 60 2017 - 26 Aug 2017

    yes...my 2nd dnf race.....walk painfully to mandai cp on my 2nd loop. age really catching up with me...till the next ultra hahaha
  3. Mizuno Wave Run 2017 - 26 Nov (Sun)

    another mount Faber run...??? or just marina area again...hahahaha
  4. ah yah.. all sg non elite also train overseas to qualify for Boston.or to get a all high pb..similarly for this 4 sea games athlete, their qualifying time also overseas...but congratulations to soh....this winning timing can go Boston right???
  5. u can go support them.. cp to and from and within punggol was mentally torturing in previous years due to no shade last time...but now with Safra n waterway syt n the rain. think all will pb...hahahaha...me happily humping n supporting them in the heaty throes...oopss....hahahaha go all the way...u can do it crazies...
  6. good luck to all...u all can do it newbies n oldies..
  7. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    not WMM woman and man mating??? hahahaha
  8. oops...how u know about my cross train (xxx training) hobby??? too HARD to give up at the moment hahaha
  9. they r inspired by 2xu run race collection...also at same place...think number of runners then about the same, except this one nore sausages hahahaha be prepared for queues hahaha
  10. yes.. do enjoy all uktras ...first timer n repeated ones...skipped this year craze ultra as doing green race 60km in end Aug ...i not hard core ultra enough hahaha
  11. Race Against Cancer 2017 - 30 Jul (Sun)

    the race pack collection is today n tomorrow at velocity....super quiet on this from organiser, no sms or email received at least for me.... there was queue...but not so long....
  12. Training and Preparing For Ultra Marathons

    no lah dear autumn...u guarantee at least 1 pb when u enter the ultra world...50 km?? want more - 60km (the green race ultra)??? no lah, think I under estimate u...100km??? 100 miles??? 200 km?? 200 miles??, hahahaha
  13. MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 2017, 15 July 2017

    minus the cancellation, the other con is no portable toilets, all referred to bit timah visitor centre...guys ok lah anywhere also can...but how about dearest syt??? as usual, big hurrah for the challenging routes...the mud...the slipperness...the stream oops..puddles make it even. more interesting
  14. MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 2017, 15 July 2017

    so sad...halfway 50km cancelled due to thunderstorm....did the organiser detour....did only 21km...(those faster runners probably did more....but there was no prizes for 21km n 50km categories....) super muddy...one stage went up close to my knees...heard a lot of syt screaming, wish can doggie....oops....hahaha piggyback them hahaha... and at some stages puddles covered all the way....can doggie swim....oops...in it....and so slippery ....though wear my trail shoe, some runners fell....but minor... disappointed about the cancellation..sure got some thunderstorm, but think only for short while, guess mainly due to intermittent heavy rains.guess nea and or organiser don't want to get into govt bad books....this is the only sg event they hold...wonder how the green race will react next month if worst scenario the weather the same...