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  1. Yes i am a pure supporter of x-training a la humping, can do multiple times per day...but now in my 50s, get fatigued fast...more than 60 different positions....oops....hahahahaha But really when they talk about run related exercises, they always talk about core muscles building. And a hot muscles n in thing is the glute now...muscle from thigh to buttock.. google it...ny fav too can be strengthen thru doggie too oops ....hahahaha
  2. 2 options at finish line for good phitos - slow down towards end, not good if aiming for pb...push the runners in front till they fall...oops...wait kenna stomp like toa payoh .. hahahaha
  3. Holy macroni...still thinking between this n forest marathon 2 weeks later...if do both. Definitely shorter distance for either...old uncle juggling between endurance run n endurance x-training humping....oops...hahahaha Frankly....really feeling my uncle age this year...fell sick many times so far this year hahaha
  4. So cute n blur dear AR....guesss he havent take medicine hahahaha
  5. 10 liter too small... But gift better than nothing hahaha
  6. Hurrah... Can do it joe
  7. Now running lab having project sneaker, $50 off after trade in old shoes... But only till this sun end April... Humping away... Oops oops... Wat I mean hurry hahahahaha Also expo having wos mega sales this weekend too, Mizuno under wos... Time to mega hump... Oops... Mega hurry buy I mean hahaha
  8. Holy underwear armor.... They r sponsor???? Yes... Once minister go ahead with putting up bid for world major, 60-80% will put in all effort to get it... Botanic garden unesco?? Garden by the Bay also got some world award?? And of course changi Airport n psa that got the best airport n maritime awards for years after years... And world major got chance to up registration fee for future too... All world major so expensive reg fee... Hahahaha
  9. Best mindef and safra of course, and to remind all on 50th year of ns, must put big big ns50 together with pics of the prominent bmt n some vocations on the tshirt and Finisher Shirt... Will definitely support if health Ok and date Ok then... Superb mindef and safra...
  10. Can share more details about costs for gadgets for race (timing systems and all that), very informative.... Good job joe
  11. 4 hours to start of registration... Less than 4 hours to more details on race (press conference, etc.... But.... But.... At least 6 more months to race start.... Hahaha
  12. Basically if this continue, 3 or 4 major mkt in the sg trail mkt - the msig action asia 50, tnf (though got rumors might stop) n green race... There's also Mr 25 with their 2 signature ultra /marathon... Did the green race last year too... Very good organiser in the same league level of craze ultra, different organiser... But last year was just around 10km loops... This year is definitely more adventurous stretching up to 60km!!!! A new limit for ultra category???? Autumn, u better do soon... Or next time no more 50km hahahaha Price also almost same level as tnf... And so close to craze ultra, those hard core ultra can probably do it... For me, getting old n weak hahahaha
  13. Lex Might as well ask us to do our own reading... Lonewolf spoilt the mkt by including most details in first post... Ur post like going for a nature food trail for those unfamiliar with MR or bkt timah - chestnut, durian,.... Hahahaha
  14. Must learn from all the elite ultra here... Salute... I only can take part in hump ultra... Oops s... But even that, been falling sick n unable to perform sometimes.recently. Oops... Hahahaha
  15. Forum admin busy with other matters... Vote dear autumn as new or part-time admin... Hahahaha