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  1. was this the only race held in 2020 in sg ?? or any other ?? before the rest of the other races had been postponed or cancelled or turned into a virtual race....sad... doesnt look very promising for those postponed race...even when the CCB over, mass gathering race think will be increased to max 10 and then maybe 100 (before they reduced it to 10 ??)...wonder when and what will be the next race to be held -non virtual ???
  2. 99.9999% it is a night race...only not confirm yet is start time (to be revealed tomorrow???) and the exact race route... same as sundown, all the Saturday party goers sure complain and say "grace" in all the 4 languages and 200 dialects and 200 foreign languages on the super super number of road closures.
  3. Again I wish... My timing probably all the winners alreadygo back hotel, or even take their flight home alalready hahahahaha
  4. Kayses, you're doing 10km? Wah cool liao man... Literally running with Haile!!!I wish... Doing the fm.. But gonna be holiday 2 weeks before, be back only 2 days before fm... Gonna be a slow run walk strategy for scm hahahahaha
  5. Aim to make it to front with haile, take selfies with him if possible... N note most of the time stanchart marathon broadcast live, when start buzzer... Sprint as if 100m...then can say I beat haile for first 100m...priceless...hahahahaha
  6. If can wait, wait till the next it fair in Nov? Hahahhahah
  7. Huh???? Take mrt lah unless u r from across the Causeway... Or ur choice, can jog back to starting line if u Park at padang, or to Sentosa if u Park at Harbor front... Either way, u will be close to fm distance hahahahaha
  8. Yeah... Tht Y got disclaimer at start - dun go for this lifestyle... Hahahahaha Perhaps trying to relive my ns days n life at a saf-ra run... Nite before, happy drinking... Next day chiong-ing up pang San Hill... Must be sanity setting in now tht I am close to half a century.... Hahahahaha Sorry to all n also safra... Noticed a warning if got fever/cold n hangover, dun go.... Wow... I failed 2 of them... Hahahahaha Must be cause felt still happy after the most happy run (color run) hahahahaha
  9. Yes, still sore headache.. N posted wrongly too... Yeah, AHM... Hahahahaha Ok, repost in AHM...
  10. A really memorable weekend... 4 runs n walks... N a lot of actions n ill health too... Kids, dun go into this lifestyle hahahahaha Miracle can wake up in time for AHM... Terrible hangover, full of alcohol n hot hot action after color run... (hint- alcohol can cure flu..... But only for awhile)... Made it to start n start was super long..... N first time ever - vomit during run... (pity did not vomit at last medic station-got gal medic Hahahahaha...) strange - felt so lightheaded n dehydrated during the run, didn't know still got things to vomit Hahahah... Yes, good route... Got jam, b
  11. Frankly the belt can be replaced by a bra strap... The cups can act as additional pouches hahahaha
  12. Who queuing up at yck sports complex now for this Sunday roadshow???? My maid gonna chope n hash tag for 50 $1 slot hahahahaha
  13. This queue cutting.... Mmmm... At the community roadshow, I will ask maid to join queue, n she will hash tag for me n my 50 friends hooray hahahahaha 4k ( X 50) profit here I come after I get all 50 $1slot hahahaha
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