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  1. yes.. also like this year route very much...I really don't believe all the affected facilities due to road closures did not have some plans on road diversion, I think they r trying to push the blame...I did rmbr this year the route came out very early, at least a few mths in advance?? the worst scenario would be they switch back to 2016 and before route...fail safe hahaha why not expressway , a la kl n hk marathon where the highway was used in more than 50% of the route??? guess they scared of all motorists complaints pay so much on road tax n erp n their car n u dare close the expressway??? hahahaha me included...hahahaha
  2. in going to heartlands such road congestion esp relating to public surfaced...just wonder if ambulance will to go en route to hospital, n the Marshall allow to go thru will it lead to runners complaints about their pb ??? will runners understand??? (just wondering - surely there is another routes to raffles hospital amid all the closures, just that taxi n public not aware?? then all the hospitals in orchard road, isn't it worst the closures??? this bring to mind the weekend maintenance works to smrt.currently..all the notice works were at mrt stations, n most of public say not informed??? oh my...true, smrt deserved a lot of bashing for the frequent breakdowns in last few mths...now this maintenance works also kanna all the complaints hahaha...I bet the public know the last Jedi movie is starting this Wed even without any notices hahaha
  3. finally my review...as still sick n was sick during my scsm run...hagahaha no comments on the baggage saga as never use it ...seldom use it unless on some overseas run where need drop bags, etc big bravo to all the volunteers after all saga...drinks, isotonic, gels, bananas, sprays, was plenty...though heard not enough in the later hours for other runners ..hydration was much longer.in terms of length, good works there..and the cool air stations, bravo.. though really miss sponges which kl marathon have...(and hk marathon have too..the weird thing about the latter is hk is very much cooler in feb/ mar hahahaha) roUte was refreshing changes...not much jams...don't mind the jam n merger in sheares bridge.. please lah...u already run 35km by then,, what a little zig zag haha haha miss the finish line besides national gallery...which a bit like rocky before finale fight.. hahaha.. but ok lah..
  4. Kings of the Trails - 11 Mar, Jun, Oct, Nov

    race name so like king of the road by adidas...that was discontinued many years ago...rmbr the saga then??? hahaha
  5. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    hmmm...want my views?? 2 scklfm back to back in 2016 n 2017...definitely scklfm...though I also very sad as will be breaking my own 2xu streak...(2017 was last minute...bought a bib from outside...kl marathon is very popular, most of the times will sold out 1-2 days or hours upon opening...registration is now open, but only for 2017 participants...the public registration open in Jan... kl marathon have a very good bib transfer engine in their website, normally open 1-2 mths after registration closed due to sold out and before run date.and it will close around 2 weeks before event date..it allow u to officially take over a seller bib n have bib in your name, with full registration details too...of course, it's also first come first serve...and also at seller mercy to set the price...rmbr we can only buy the open category in fm in this bib transfer engine...to buy the other categories in fm...do it the unofficial channels hahaha I'm also surprised why scsm don't have this bib transfer channel...weird when u can't have your name in bib when u buy over... next post will be why together with a bit on route details...hahaha..if I do rmbr...(now still very sick...hahaha
  6. Amazing Thailand Marathon Bangkok 2018

    those up for it should attempt this marathon n tnf thailand...both r on same weekend..of course, tnf is on 3 Feb sat... tnf is at khaoyai...transport wise, think they got a shuttle to bkk after the race...tnf thailand is challenging, definitely more elevation than sg, hk is definitely tougher in terms of elevation. .n have interesting categories 10k..25k..50k...75k...100km...50 + 42 possible for those up n elite...
  7. BMW Berlin Marathon 2017 - Sun 24th.Sept, 9:15am

    have...u go Berlin marathon Facebook page...if u guess the correct winning time, free slot to 2018 edition....no free oktofest though hahaha
  8. Green Race Forest 60 2017 - 26 Aug 2017

    yes...my 2nd dnf race.....walk painfully to mandai cp on my 2nd loop. age really catching up with me...till the next ultra hahaha
  9. Mizuno Wave Run 2017 - 26 Nov (Sun)

    another mount Faber run...??? or just marina area again...hahahaha
  10. ah yah.. all sg non elite also train overseas to qualify for Boston.or to get a all high pb..similarly for this 4 sea games athlete, their qualifying time also overseas...but congratulations to soh....this winning timing can go Boston right???
  11. u can go support them.. cp to and from and within punggol was mentally torturing in previous years due to no shade last time...but now with Safra n waterway syt n the rain. think all will pb...hahahaha...me happily humping n supporting them in the heaty throes...oopss....hahahaha go all the way...u can do it crazies...
  12. good luck to all...u all can do it newbies n oldies..
  13. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    not WMM woman and man mating??? hahahaha
  14. oops...how u know about my cross train (xxx training) hobby??? too HARD to give up at the moment hahaha
  15. they r inspired by 2xu run race collection...also at same place...think number of runners then about the same, except this one nore sausages hahahaha be prepared for queues hahaha