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  1. The good thing is that it's only 2500 runners, and the route is super spacious! The downside is the refreshment logistics though. Hmm... Flight wise I managed to get it at $665.90 by Singapore Airlines (return, all-inclusive). Since not many people go to Dubai, the flight can be quite empty (meaning you could have the whole row for you to sleep), especially if you are taking the non-Emirates flight. Taxi rate is rather similar to Singapore, so you can consider staying at a cheap hotel somewhere, and take the cab down to the race site. Anyway, most public transport will only starts in the afternoon on Friday (which is also the day of the race). Dubai metro starts around 1.30pm on Friday...
  2. I stopped running FM since 2012 version. Instead, i only do HM in preparation for SCHK. Oh I stopped doing SCHKM. Route is the same for number of years (with some minor edition), and it feels as if I'm doing "Singapore marathon" due to the large number of Singaporeans participating... The good thing is the climate there. Anyways, I shall start venture out to experience runs/marathons at different places to different places (hopefully out of Asia and Australia).
  3. Hmm... I just realised that there are getting fewer full marathon runners from 2011 to 2014 SCMS (based on the event booklet). 42km participants 2010: 19000 2011: 20000 2012: 17500 2013: 16100 2014: 14000 Well, it seems that it's "not more congested" for full marathon route.
  4. Honolulu marathon: No cut-off time (according to the website). Basically you can just walk that 42km the whole day. that's a first for me.. the walkers should really take a look at that marathon! somemore can go shopping if they pass by the shopping areas! hahah.. Ya, I glance through last year results, and there are a few that took 19+ hours to complete (based on chip time).
  5. Oh ya, I think I should I should engrave my wristband with my timing. Honolulu marathon: No cut-off time (according to the website). Basically you can just walk that 42km the whole day.
  6. I think the temperature outside in HK is much cooler than the nice air-con sweeper bus. There are also no finisher tee for races in HK, Taipei... Additional note, for SCHKM, 21km participants must finish within 3 hours, and 10km participants must finish within 2 hours (they don't have finisher medals for those categories though, and the souvenir is not really a finisher medal). For Fubon Taipei marathon, 21km participants must finish within 3.5 hours, and 9km participants must finish within 1.5 hours. Think Singapore marathons are rather generous in cut-off timing. Maybe the climate makes people run more slowly?
  7. http://www.iaaf.org/competitions/iaaf-label-road-races Information about IAAF road race label can be found here. Bananas is not compulsory in the drinks/refreshments though...
  8. Hmm... Actually I think that they might be asked to detour to cut short the route, as they did not meet the cut off timing at that point of time. So weird that so many people skipped the 10km - 35km portion...
  9. By the way, they updated the net timing for the results from marathon photos.
  10. There are so many timing mats between 10km and 35km lor. Most likely is they'll already give up after 10km, so just cut the suffering by cutting short the race.
  11. No. HM was all over the left and right of me at 2.5km onward before ending, starting from the road from before flyer to esplanade, at the right hand side of the road, with strolling couples. They simply strolled over. Even at the last stretch of 200m before finishing points, a couple walking like no body business blocking my way for my PB.Eh... HM only "joined" in only during the last few hundred metres (and they were separated by the barricades). Those you are referring to are the 10km runners.
  12. Start at 5am, finish at 9am, so is around 4 hours.
  13. Luckily I finished the 42km race around 9am, otherwise I would have to suffer under the heat from the sun... The last time I experienced a hot race is in 2007. Got sunburn after finishing my marathon, especially when I'm still a snail runner at that time...
  14. Did you have to queue all over again? Nope. There's a special separate booth called "Baggage".
  15. Came back to the expo just now just to collect that baggage plastic bag... Anyway, I bought more adidas stuff from the expo. The supernova singlet and shirt (with that SCMS logo) is very comfortable to wear.
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