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  1. Hello Ming76!

    Good to see that you are learning POSE running.Are you reading the POSE running book for now?Do take your time and learn it carefully :)

    Yes,calf muscles usually feel quite sore after some "forefoot running",but at least you reduce your running injuries.

    If you want more info & links to learning POSE properly,drop me a pm instead.

  2. ya, just started POSE running. Hopefully I am doing it correctly. Can feel strain on my calf muscles.. is it normal? Also, I am taking shorter strides and faster steps..

  3. Hmmm,are you learning POSE running at the moment?Good job in doing so but make sure you persevere in learning POSE running!Many usually give up after doing it wrongly.

  4. Yeah.. feels good to run again.. hopefully few more slow runs i can get back to my normal runs..

  5. wow! that's great! hope u enjoyed ur super slow run! :)

  6. Thanks TLR.. hope to recover soon and run Nike HR and SCSM..

  7. take care and will pray for ur speedy recovery! :)

  8. are we going to wear red colour shirt for this Sat run?
  9. ya, really feels good to run in the rain.. cool air and rain drops hitting on you.. ya, drainage for newton is really good!! :smilie_daumen1:
  10. all the B&W people are bodyguard..
  11. how come only the center is colour? Special Effects lah... hmm... Acidburn asks the sam question!!! :blushing: No very good hor!! :tongue_smilie: Okie... i must experiment more with special effects on picasa... haha... oh.. experimenting on the effects...i thought the people in the center is special, that why they have colour haha..
  12. how come only the center is colour?
  13. coolsite! too bad not able to join in the pre ops run on Sun..
  14. Many thanks to Team fatbird for organizing Nighthawk training, it certainly helped me in preparing for the Sundown marathon. Looking forward for more runs organised by TFB.. any recovering run?
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