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  1. Need a fresh start for 2011

    1. Lady Ice

      Lady Ice

      go somewhere cold...

  2. Swissotel here I Come..

  3. 4 upcoming running events in 3 weeks for me

  4. yup..no baggage deposit..gonna be a hassle..

  5. hullo! run 350 no baggage deposit? >< thats bad! i was thinking of running it but if theres no place to put the belongings,

    :| a bit troublesome!

  6. MCPunk


  7. DiL

    "I don't Drink.I don't Smoke.I don't Club."

    nice. we got three things in common.. :D

  8. yo, when did u see me? what was i doing there? u straightedge?

  9. hey, i oso loves running at bedok RES... was there ysday morning & evening

    clibrating my NIKEband...


  10. Hi LonelyRunner,I think I saw you before at the mosque at Bedok Road.

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