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  1. Can registered for leg 01. Very interesting.
  2. Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    I signed up for the 30km too. Let loss weight before putting on weight during CNY period.
  3. Race Against Cancer 2018 - 15 or 22 Jul

    It a charity run. Organised at ECP will save cost and bring maximum benefit to the charity. So I guess it will be ECP.
  4. It good to let the student learn the realistic of life earlier then to protect them in a shell.
  5. Actually I felt last year they did alright no major let down like this year. So last year who they listen to until they deteriorate instead of improving .
  6. You are right. Read our amazing AutumnRunner review on running event reflect the true fact and no coating or comestics. This is good about social media. Every mistake cannot escape from social media.
  7. Yes but it 35 days. SCMS probably need 3 days. One day for preparation , one days for kids last day for the main event. I think it a good idea to use the stadium. Lot of open space .
  8. Anyone notice the baggage collection long queue only happened at counter A to F. There are counters G to J and I notice the queue is quite ok. There were actually 2 bag deposit point. One at the Scape, another one behind Wheelock Place. Most of the runners must had went into the Scape bag deposit area because of convenient. The shuttle bus drop off point was near to Scape as compared to Wheelock Place. But the organizer shall had relay the message across. This is just my observation.
  9. Saw the volunteer unable to find the deposited bag of some runners. That why it took so long.
  10. Can go just need to obey the law there, don’t do funny thing there. The 300km tee is just a exclusive for those meet the 300km club.You only get one tee. Initially I thought is an extra tee beside the normal tee they given out. Ok, it nothing special just print out the big logo behind.
  11. You collect your 300km T-shirt together with your race pack or from the Standard Chartered Bank booth?
  12. I email Ironman yesterday and here is their reply "You can collect your 300KM Race Tee and Goodies at our REPC at MBS! There is no confirmation slip, we will have you in our database" So just go and collect your rack pack and check your 300KM club entitlement is inside too if you are one of the 300KM Club.
  13. Transformers Run Singapore - 6 Jan 2018 (Sat)

    Maybe they need to pay copy right for using "Transformer" . That why theme run always is more expensive than a normal one. The runners are actually paying for the copyright fee.
  14. I recieved my email too for the collection of the dri-bag.