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  1. Worst case is there is no flash sales.
  2. I also cannot take too much gel . My stomach will be bloated . I become very uncomfortable.
  3. If you got pre heart problem, running may be too intensive . Google for MAF training.
  4. Running won’t give you heart attack la but reduce the risk of heart attack. Those runners that got cardiovascular attack , most of them already got pre heart problem which they themselves don’t know. This year I trying a new training method to build up my endurance level and prepare for my next FM next year.So far so good it make me enjoy running long distance again . I am running HM this year only.
  5. You need to prepared for FM. I finished 24th FM but still find it suffering. Like HM more but treat FM as a challenge.
  6. Since SCSM become a evening run, many event also follow. You can join CSC Bay Run and SG Run , both are happening at evening timing. SG Run got 32 km a good preparation for SCSM. Now that Newton Run is no more. So here come SG Run .
  7. This run got free photos and you can download the photo with your finishing timing tag. I think we still need to give credit for the organizer for this.
  8. Too expensive for a Corney Island Run. Everyone can easily go there and run FOC .
  9. Some female category got less than 150 runners so as long you finished you shall get a finisher T. That why I say it not difficult especially for female.
  10. It is top 150 for each category so it not so difficult.
  11. Finished my race , weather really hot. Lucky water point got coke , lemon water, ice water , ice , orange and banana. I start to like BYOB race, see very few waste and we can enjoy our drink at the point.
  12. I also agree not confusing, my answer is 1. Runner shall be at the B side. Most of them know it except one or 2 runners . But for the event, i don't think all runners can squeeze into B, most of them will use the whole path. Anyway, only about 300+ runners for each different distance.
  13. It also getting crowded there during the weekend. Hope the bike rider avoids there at least for one Sat.
  14. The event singlet is of high quality and design is quite different from other event singlet. Really nice.
  15. Not a bad idea. But if really implement it, those fast runners will start to declare their time is slow. Many runners weather fast or slow want to run first and can rest and relax more after the run.
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