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  1. Singapore so small where can we run when the starting point is at Marina Bay.
  2. The starting point for SCMS this year is at Marina Bay . No more Orchard Rd.
  3. mover

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    According to Challenge32 web site, Newton Challenge 2018 is not happening, that why got Challenge32.
  4. mover

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    Pink Apple organize the 4th leg of King of the trails at 25 Nov . This could be the reason they decided not to organized Newton Challenge this year . This challenge32 is organized by Ah Siao as someone mention here just to give those runner that need to clock mileage for SCSM. It a no fleet run so it is cheap. I decided to join.
  5. mover

    2018 - MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

    In trail you need to concentrate on the ground. I injured my ankle during a trail run this year. First injury after so many injury free year. So do make sure you run with your alert mind.
  6. They already did this every year . The army is in the last wave, off course for those late comers they still will join the last wave with the army. If you think the road will be clear this way, the army will still caught up with the behind civilians runners. Not all army don’t run, some do run as fast or even faster.
  7. mover

    Challenge32 - 11 Nov 18 (Sun)

    One of the sponsor is Newton . This year no Newton Challenge.
  8. Cheap and well organized event. It is indeed a lot of runners.
  9. mover

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    Currently , 90% funded. I think this site shall be able to carry on . Go , go, go.
  10. mover

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    I think most of them will not join if there is a fee, even it is $2. Now even it is free this forum is not as active as in the beginning.
  11. mover

    The Goodbye SGRunners forum page thread

    Bye bye. Everyone here. This forum is closing down.
  12. Did they reverse the route of SCMS? There is a ‘mountain’ somewhere near 8-10 km .
  13. That night when it rain heavily at Sundown Marathon is one of the memories moment I went thru because I ran my best timing in full marathon. Until now, my PB for FM still cannot break .
  14. Yes today I try can already. Thank . At least I know my name is link with the bib number now.
  15. One of my colleagues got pen A too when his timing is pen C. I got pen B . Look like they any how give the pen .