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  1. mover

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    This Punggol Waterway is more like a road run than a trail run, that why many runners will think it not a BYOB event.
  2. mover

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    " We feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment we depend on, and continue to strive for zero waste events ". I think don't have to say, it a green organizer.
  3. mover

    STGR - Uglow Marathon 15th June 2019

    This event shall be a BYOB?
  4. mover

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    Only serious runners run 35km. So whole family can join when there is 3.5km. That publicity for SPH.
  5. The number bib got a QR code for you to scan and directly go into their result web site . You basically can get the result after you cross the finish line.This shall be the way . I still cannot understand why other event need at least 3 or 4 days to publish the result .
  6. I think they expecting a small turnout . I registered for the 1st race , from the RPC , don’t look like a lot of registration . The high price must had scare people away.
  7. Consider to join this run as I have never run at West Coast park .
  8. mover

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

    I making a comment. Sorry , making a fast edit and everything go haywire. From the route, it look like it partially trails ?
  9. mover

    Oxfitt Run 7th July 2019

  10. Yes, I notice it when I read the size table chart that is provide when I registered. Usually people won't take note of it. I end up choosing XS for my Finishing T when normally I choose M.
  11. They can printed a few hundred lesser than the total participants. Do a estimation of number of unclaimed BIB. In case not enough, they can print it on the last day of the collection. Isn't this is what Sundown did 2 years ago when they print it on the spot. But I think the most important part is they save a lot of administrative work by not matching number to a runners before the collection. They do it on the spot save the trouble of searching for the correct BIB. Some of them cannot find their BIB if I can remember.
  12. This is one of the way to save some paper when the registered participant do not turn out to take.
  13. I just received an email to ask me to fill up an eform so that they can send a 300KM medal by mail to me. That funny, why they cannot give me the coin at the Expo like last year.
  14. This year the 300km club got nothing special to get. Last year got special T shirt and medal. Do I miss something ? Lucky I see the shirt measurement this year I choose size small and it fit me well. My finisher T I choose XS.