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  1. Indeed is very windly sometime running against the resistance of the blowing wind. I try to follow closely the runner in front of me as that they can block the wind in front of me just like what the cyclist is doing . Don't know in running , it help a not ?
  2. Ok . Thank for the info. I usually will bring these 2 essential items HP and ezlink card to race event. So either way will have no problem for me.
  3. If you had bought the shuttle bus ticket thru share transport app, you need to register an ezlink card too. You need to use the ezlink card to board the bus too.
  4. 21km Finisher Tee simple and nice.
  5. It not a must for NSF to run 21 km so it not so jam anymore. Only those NSF like to participate will run.
  6. Ya loh. Don't chase away our cute blogger. Later she not writing in here anymore. We will miss her, ok.
  7. I keep all the finisher tee in cabinet without opening it. I will take the oldest finisher tee to wear it unit it wear out , then it time to take the next oldest one to wear.
  8. First leg don't do well, second leg will be worst. Those that not sign up for the package will probably give this run a miss. More loss coming...
  9. The uncle opening the gate must have do it day in day out at 5- 10 min delay without problem. He did not expect a running event is helding there. The main thing is the organiser shall have a cyclist to check thru the route and then give a go ahead to start the race . Again this simple thing is not taken take care of.
  10. Read the part when the gate is not opened for the entry to Coney Island. The organiser did not even bother to ensure this? I did not join this race as I usually don't join 10km run . I like the concept of divide the runners into different zone. I may consider to join the Sentosa one since there are not many runner in this event . The organiser may not be able to handle it anyway if there are too many runners
  11. Hope the shuttle bus is like other event, start from some MRT station instead of Safra building.
  12. No shuttle bus to starting point? It not an easy place to go especially this happen early in the morning 7am .
  13. It a good initialize to be the first to come up with a bus pooling app. Everything got it first step. Good thing about this app is if the bus got empty seat even up to 15 min before departure, we can still book it .
  14. Got live result . Good job. A humid morning, cannot get a good run . Cannot find any major fault in this race .
  15. How they maintain their energy level? I do a half need to rest for a week , do a full need to rest for 2 week. Felt tired after a long run and it can drag on for the whole day unless I manage to get a nap.