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  1. Worst case is there is no flash sales.
  2. I also cannot take too much gel . My stomach will be bloated . I become very uncomfortable.
  3. If you got pre heart problem, running may be too intensive . Google for MAF training.
  4. Running won’t give you heart attack la but reduce the risk of heart attack. Those runners that got cardiovascular attack , most of them already got pre heart problem which they themselves don’t know. This year I trying a new training method to build up my endurance level and prepare for my next FM next year.So far so good it make me enjoy running long distance again . I am running HM this year only.
  5. You need to prepared for FM. I finished 24th FM but still find it suffering. Like HM more but treat FM as a challenge.
  6. Since SCSM become a evening run, many event also follow. You can join CSC Bay Run and SG Run , both are happening at evening timing. SG Run got 32 km a good preparation for SCSM. Now that Newton Run is no more. So here come SG Run .
  7. It a good move. Imagine thousand choose this timing when you know it impossible .
  8. The event break into 3 different day.So need to pay more to the volunteer, security , MC and LTA.
  9. I can run better early in the morning than in the evening. Encounter a few problem in a few evening race event. I even vomited in one of the evening run. Don't know why ? Anyone got the same problem as me or is it only me?
  10. Only serious runners run 35km. So whole family can join when there is 3.5km. That publicity for SPH.
  11. The number bib got a QR code for you to scan and directly go into their result web site . You basically can get the result after you cross the finish line.This shall be the way . I still cannot understand why other event need at least 3 or 4 days to publish the result .
  12. I think they expecting a small turnout . I registered for the 1st race , from the RPC , don’t look like a lot of registration . The high price must had scare people away.
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