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  1. How they maintain their energy level? I do a half need to rest for a week , do a full need to rest for 2 week. Felt tired after a long run and it can drag on for the whole day unless I manage to get a nap.
  2. Durian is forbidden inside MRT train. Need to eat it after the run cannot carry back if you don't drive.
  3. Yes but it something new and it not bad. This run seem to attract a lot of runner. Long queue collecting the rack pack however the queue is moving fast.
  4. I ran in the morning after 7am , it already hot.
  5. I finished MR , no problem to sign up and pay $16 only. How about previous year ? did you sign up or this is the first time you sign after MR ?
  6. For MRT, if breakdown, you can imagine the chaos. Luckily until today, nothing serious happen.
  7. It is ok to stick with the bus services. What is given is hard to take back. I guess after sometime, runner will get use to it.
  8. I register yesterday afternoon. No problem , pay $16 only.
  9. To be active also need to pay tax. 😥
  10. Overtake by 2XU. Brand do matter. The quality of the finisher T also play a part. One of those not very good type, wear a few time like become smaller. I still join and will be running this Sunday.
  11. I like the eventually 6pm flag off. Don't need to wake up so early but closure of road will be challenging for the LTA.
  12. wow.. First time see UnderArmour as sponsor. Hope got discount voucher...
  13. How you all make use of the GPS data given? Can I load the data to Strava or Endomondo or Garmin GPS watch to track the route in case I lose my way?
  14. The race pack collection site is quite small . The organiser know the number of runners and thus don't need a big area for the RPC.
  15. I collected my race pack. No queue at all, maybe the participant is not as many as 2XU .