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  1. 4 Deserts / Sahara Race / October 2011

    1. Ripley


      are you running it?

  2. Hi there

    Can you advise if Park hotel is a good choice hotel... cos I am thinking of staying there during the race weekend. My family (my wife and son) will be travelling as well. Or you have better recommendation?

    Like always.. near to MTR, shopping area... eating outlet etc etc. Thks!



  3. Operation Sunbird is specifically designed with the Beginner/Intermediate runner in mind. The runner who is undertaking this 21km Half Marathon and 42.1km Full Marathon training program should already have completed a few lesser distance races and is able to commit time and effort to train 3-4 sessions per week. More details can be found at its facebook page. Type "Operation Sunbird" in the search box. Registration opens soon. if only i could be there.
  4. i tot was playstation 2 portable sorry ar, i still don't get it hor. simi si P2P? some internet website to allow you to watch tv/program.
  5. Congrats to all NH ... almost all of you achieved your PB and most importantly, fulfilled one of your dreams. Beware ... Running is Addictive! And TFB will be one of the cures.
  6. Hey Reuben, were u running there too? How come didn't see u... jackie, i can't run with TFB on Sat ... 30 odd km? it would suck all my energies and mojo quicker than i can say "TFB"! also, I have been nursing a swollen left ankle recently ... so any LSD would kill my running life immediately. anyway, the TFB will always have my respect for the dedication on running and helping others to run their own race.
  7. I did not run the CBD run and is probably throwing stones on the side with this comment. I think as SGRunners, we should act responsibly and respect any such road closure ... this is especially so when it was supposed to be an "organised" run originated from this forum. Have we run out of places to run?
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