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  1. Plotting out the route manually...the plotted distance of yesterday route is 21.75km...so it was 650 metres FOC as a form of NS50 bonus...
  2. 1) No use the free WiFi at CP1? 2) Did you know the distance between each bus stop is 400 to 500 metres on average? 3) No more 100 miles...but 200 miles right?:P
  3. i offered my transport to you..$10 for 3 hrs..you rejected me..:P
  4. and don't eat hot dogs from now on till race over..:P
  5. ST Run in the City - 16 Jul 2017

    Rephrase the headline leh...sounds wrong..:P
  6. none of the runners that I know who ran till CP5/6 liked the noodles...you come and run the race too la..try the noodles and see if it tastes good to you..:P
  7. I tasted abit of the instant noodles last year while being pacer for my fren...doesn't taste good
  8. Pris...your website has been slow to load for the past few weeks..seems like it is always waiting for a website based in Russia to finish loading...would be good to look into it..
  9. my friends are manning the CP..but I will go there kpo...massage where sir?:P
  10. Tokyo Marathon 2018 - 25 Feb 2018

    http://www.holiday-weather.com/tokyo/averages/ http://www.holiday-weather.com/osaka/averages/ Biomechanics can be changed for most mortals/human beings..go look at kids running gait which are mostly forefoot/mid foot but now adults are mostly heel or midfoot striker....with hard work and determination, what prevents one from going back to the right way of running?
  11. you try wearing a medal around your neck run and tell us how it feels...:P
  12. the medal edge of the west side..looks like can be used for beer bottles opening?