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  1. Minimalist running shoes in Singapore

    you are wrong..Altra has 1 of the most wide toe box...can try the Altra Escalante...
  2. think higher chance of striking TOTO/4D compared to AR joining..:P
  3. Klang City Marathon - car accident

    if already running in the race and choose not to run the route...then you mean DNF?
  4. Race Against Cancer 2018 - 15 or 22 Jul

    quite obvious not firmed liao mah...:P
  5. 10km is a 10km marathon...per what the CNA article says..:P
  6. i quickly moved in when I saw lightning while queuing for the loo that time.... after the rain, went off for lor mee bfast...didn't run the 10km...:P
  7. when we meeting for a relaxed run eh?
  8. Great Eastern Women's Run - 12th Nov 2017

    We = who?? for me I confirm will make a big fuss...not might..:P
  9. Newton Challenge 2017 - 29 Oct (Sun), Marina Barrage

    are working hard...not is working hard...:P
  10. 2XU Compression Run 2018 - 8 Apr (Sun)

    your area is atas living area is it?:P