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  1. sounds like a biz opportunity selling ice sticks, cold drinks along the way... hmmmm...
  2. read and read properly...everytime say sorry but need to learn from mistakes also...
  3. looking at the broken English reply...I think I know who is replying...
  4. so you have decided who is the emcee? your intro and your body named 2 different guys...
  5. it's ok la...he can dun wear and go naked too ..
  6. that slope killer?? how was the gradient like?
  7. you could have not post and nobody will remember you... but yet....
  8. after birthday 29 liao... no need ask for opinion or survey...
  9. I lost that one during business trip...left it in the hotel room..
  10. Better person to ask should be your coach? Also if to see if you are going for PB at London too?
  11. blisters around which area of the foot/toes?
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