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  1. ermmm...ok....noted....
  2. many people shunning the race? how you know?
  3. what are " miss" categories?
  4. Pris with the tired look while
  5. of coz he has to settle things by himself lah...:P
  6. so YH90 settled everything after PM-ed AR?
  7. for me I rather enjoy the trip since cost to travel to Japan is I will reach earlier 2-3 days before race then another 2-3 days more in Japan after the race.. any reason why you plan Friday fly?
  8. so what are your results of cost with flights that have 1 stopover? your budget up to 1.3k just on flight? might as well take SQ
  9. no other options of airlines? or you support local airlines?
  10. Having experienced Osaka Mara 2014 before..the signages to baggage deposit, to toilets (even specifying for which gender), to corrals are much clearly defined compared to local races...I also read the race guide after collection (when bored in hotel room or when on the throne...:P) sometimes just K.I.S.S can liao need to write so detailed de..
  11. need to plan ? just follow the signages ..still need plan?:D
  12. where is the start point? then from there you can search
  13. have you tried searching on your own first though since your criteria is only on location?
  14. tell you the 3? I listed the 3 - amenities - price -location There is another option besides hotel if you can think well..:)
  15. what u looking for? price, location, amenities? Only can choose 2 out of 3 if on budget