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  1. he will kicked ur ass mickeal. hahahahaha
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. take care dude. =D btw I will get the drinks for the CBD run tonight. What DUDE! it a SHE leh, you mean you dun know? :Hypnotized:
  4. so paiseh so many ppl waited for me. either you guys are getting fast on the hills or i am getting slower, i prefer the first well done to those who did it the first time and those that done it week after week :Applause:
  5. hello licht, the cake is really nice, your teacher is right, you should start a business in this.
  6. thanks for the nice brownies, licht, yo stuck, i also wanted to accompany you back to start pt one. but "that fellow", dont let me bad tigger :Talking Ear Off: hope u recover soon.
  7. Yes, we are doing circuit. You can do lesser set if require. Remember to bring your own water supply for the run. Interval? omg, i am tapering leh... :Batting Eyelashes:
  8. i never slack hor, i do my share of 3 loops. but i know "someone" only do 2, haha
  9. Interested in CBD running tee 1. Tiwazz M - Size S 2. burnz M - Size L 3. TLR 4. tohmin 5. brokie 6. bee 7. ronnie 8. kayano 9. LaserRunner F - Size S 10. terence0023 M - Size M..... :smilie_daumen1: 11. shutehelup 12. sxuanjing 13. tekko 14. stuck M - Size S 15. fennel 16. Roentgen 17. batx M - Size M 18. piglet F - Size L 19. charlotte 20. tao F - Size L 21. Littletigger M - Size S 22. yankee 23. wensze 24. JT 25. hophlng 26. chacha 27. teelee 28. nikerocks 29. edwinchiam 30. -licht F - size M 31. terry 32. alvo M - Size S 33. chye kwee M - size S 34. jackohsk F - size M 35. sleek00000 M - Size S 36. imd M - Size S 37. yeehua F - Size S 38. ST F - Size L 39. hohorunner M - size L 40. hoho's wife F - Size S 41. supersloth - size S (Mensize) :dance:
  10. The way you are running completing a marathon will be a stroll. :Batting Eyelashes: i like strolling along the beach :smilie_daumen1: the sun sets, the sliver lining at the dark clouds.. by the bay... but hor, 42.125 strolling.. is a long walk
  11. My craving for fried SOTONG come from Tohmin's one. haha. If u still remember why. lol. Anyway, this SOTONG looks delicious. Long legs. Crunchy. Crispy :Drooling: :He He: BBQ and Fried.. best to go with beers. long crispy leg, yummy :Drooling: so where is my friend, sotong?
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