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  1. Raven, u did a very good job. The pace was very good wah raven looked very focus and steady pom pi pi!!
  2. awww so touching. thanks tiwazz and kops for making CBD run so welcoming. thanks to those who came just now with the fantastic food. didnt plan to eat anything but cant resist the food! nice to see some new faces, a newly wed, and the usual faces (esp the one with long limbs). Indeed, it felt like it was just yesterday that we celebrated the 1st yr anniversary of cbd run in a dark corner while it was drizzling. sotong's medals really made me jealous (like never before!) ehehehehhe.. cheers to CBD Runs!!!!
  3. brokie, actually i think if they run, then the food will RUN out faster! ehehehe ur barley also! thank you for all the food, drinks and utensils! simply love my evening, with such wonderful atmostphere! hope to have this again, perhaps somewhere brighter (or in the day?)
  4. i eat on ur behalf already! hey phil! that's my bear!! Not I say one hor ! The sotong curse. Anyway missing this as i am down with gastric flu. Hope u guys enjoy the makan session yo AlecChua! take care ok! cya this Fri can?
  5. hey roonz nice to meet up with u and the other beautiful young ladies with you (charmane, angelica) .. will call you three Philip's Angels. ehehehehehe.. well hope to see ya ard again soon! Glad you hv enjoyed the run and most imptly comfortable with the other runners too! May your stay with us be more fruitful (means u run faster n longer each day) and a happy one always! :smilie_daumen1:
  6. heheeh i love seeing the runners on tues nite at the cbd run. oddly happy somehow. ahahaha :cool_grin: thanks for all the fun and great food!!! hope all of u present esp imd n rtgn enjoyed themslvs tonight. ehehhe eh i mean yesterday night. hehehe (now almost 3am mah). hope one day i can pop by with something for u all........... no promises though. my pics are also up in www.kodakgallery.com
  7. aiyoh bee?!! what happen?!! what did u see? who u ran after?? tsk tsk tsk. if im there i already call police. ehehehe *kidding* woi girl, u take care ok next time. run as a group so that the rest will not be worried abt any missing runner. enjoy ur runs everyone!
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