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  1. problema ako ngayon SCSM 09..dale ng husto ankle ko last time sa TNF100...then ngayon nag-LBM naman over the weekend nakapang-lata..di bale basta matapos hehehe..see you sunday 530AM...may mga taga-pinas TAKBO.PH na sasali this year..

  2. eto ok naman...takbo ka sa SCSM 09?

  3. bro, musta na?

  4. u hv to pay for the sgrunners/cbd runners tee ... but...we hv stopped accepting the order for the Tee liao... the no. has been kept to 50 pcs oni every wk... we will determine a route to run... pls come before 7pm.... the run starts 7pm sharp dang...where have I been all this time lol... sorry bout that I didn't read the 2nd post completely...this week it's supposed to be Set D right? ok hope nothing comes up at work by then... thanks.
  5. u r welcome c u nex tue ... Do I get a SG Runners tee? :Batting Eyelashes: How does it go? I just select a route from the mapped routes per set on thread 2? and just come to the end point supposedly before cutoff time of 830PM? Or will there be a specific route for the week? Sorry just starting to join in running groups...used to run solo...
  6. can I join in the CBD group runs even though I'm not working around CBD? Interested to join in and try out your routes....hope you can accommodate a noob like me :Praying:
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