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  1. Inspiring Video:

    1. Mystic


      nice video... inspired...

  2. Nothing better to do? Go for a run :)

  3. Nice running and chatting with you folks! Hope to do it again. This time, I hope to run longer than the last! Thanks for being so accomodating to a slow runner like me.
  4. Hi runners, The run is still on 2nite. You can choose to run a shorter distance by running up till the start of bishan PCN. That should give you a distance of appro 21km. Please confirm your names here so i know whom to expect later 2nite. Thanks. 1. Roadrunner3 2. Sorepalm 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Cheers RR3
  5. Thinking of going for this night run. I can only go up to 20-21k and split off at Bishan Park though. Hope thats all right with you guys. So is the run at AMK still on tonight?
  6. You are right about the sense of achievement though, cause I never knew I could complete a full marathon until I did it yesterday. One thing I also learnt, it is really addictive. I am gunning for my next marathon at Sundown now. Putting in all my effort for a properly trained marathon.
  7. I guess it is a blessing in disguise But kinda of sad as I cannot even find my timing at the SCM website, no finisher tee and medal for the 42 too... But I still enjoyed it
  8. Yeah. I was in sgrunner singlet and wearing the half-marathon bib instead of the full-marathon bib. Thanks again!
  9. My sincere thanks for the fatbird sub5 pacers who were spurring me for the last 10km. I never knew I can complete a marathon and further more complete it below sub5 for my first "accidental" attempt. Thanks you so much again! It has been a completely painful but unforgetable experience! Now I am wishing for more! Hopefully, fatbird will be having pacers again for the coming sundown marathons!
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