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  1. wah your timings so imba for a female runner..but some are close to mine ;) running kaki haha!

  2. LOL... we have age segregation now? I AM 19~

  3. Halo NSW~

    Haha.. Pas de probleme :) I get stares all the time anyway. Don't really mindthe attention..

    Yu Xin

  4. oops..sorry sorry..my bad habit lol

  5. Halo NSW~

    No wonder you kept staring at me. I thought you had issues and wanted to confront you but since TNF staff knew me, I would rather not. Haha.. Nice to see you. Hi! :)

  6. Halo NSW~

    Haha.. I am versatile, thats all. You haven't told me if you did see me with two guys.

  7. u rare breed..interesting mix of high and low twitch muscles.. lol..all round talent!

  8. Halo NSW~

    Were I with two guys and one of them was wearing an Aviva Ironman Finisher? Haha.. Yea, female finishers are rare :)

  9. hello..i think i saw u before..at the north face store at suntec..i cant rmb when, but my gf went there to change TNF tee..and there was this girl in 84k finisher..female 84k finishers are rare..but duno if it was u anot so lol.. XD



    YU XIN

  11. Halo Phonexic~

    Yes, I will be running the marathon. Yawn. I won't be online till night time. Tired day.

    Yu Xin

  12. oic.. its ok... I stay @ hougang.. u?? U running full marathon this sun rite?? I only tackling half.

  13. Halo Phonexic~

    I don't think so.. The length is fine, just the chest area.. I think S would be too sort for my body. Sorry.. Where do you stay anyway?

    Yu Xin

  14. Hi, do u still wan to exchange?

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