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  1. suppose to have my last day of rest day at home tmr but got durians.... :Hypnotized: wow.. menu is DURIANS... hmmm should I make a guest appearance all the way from my hse... :Thinking: :Big Grin:
  2. he will not sing :Tounge: we shall see... If he agrees to sing then bui aunty JT will definitely comes to support... :Big Grin:
  3. Errr...there is no bad weather... but I have weak mind... :redface: Yu Ping and I will be chilling out at Swensen at DG. :Party: Swensen is having 1 for 1 ice cream sundae from 26-30 May - coupon voucher can be printed from soshiok.com :yummie:
  4. :redface: My friend (Yu Ping) and I didn't. Tiwazz and Laser, thank you for waiting for us. :smilie_daumen1: As usual, Tiwazz is always very 'loyal' in taking care of new 'birds'. :Big Grin: :Applause:
  5. I am bringing a friend today for the run who is interested in joining group run. She told me she runs slow which I have difficulty to 'comprehend' after knowing SGrunners. :Talking Ear Off: I know now that the word 'slow' is subjective liao. :Waiting: I have not been running over 5k for a long while so I told her we will be the last runners. :redface: The only problem is I never did set E be4. Hence need to do some 'homework' on the route or run a shorter route. If run shorter route then can come back to buy ice-cream lor :tongue_smilie:
  6. Oops only saw this today... am interested in the Tee too but really have to run then can have it ah??? :Nail Biting:
  7. Aunty u noe the route . so u come n lead run slow slow one har? Aunty come for makan not run. :Tounge:
  8. :smilie_daumen1: Anuty will come then. :cool_grin:
  9. oops another member of "siow hong" :Praying: :Big Grin:
  10. :Hmmmph: It takes a "siow hong" to understand another "siow hong" ??? :Thinking: :tongue_smilie:
  11. 'yuan lai ru zhi'!!! Thanks cfred xiao di for enlighting aunty. Now I given the chance to make THE RIGHT choice! :Thinking:
  12. Phew! :sweat: lucky that I am not coming.... Since when I come anyway... :LMAO:
  13. Is it?? Where ah? Hmmm....I didn't see any empty swimming pool :/ Me 2 didnt see any empty swimming pool. Too breathless to see anything in fact. :Black Eye:
  14. You're frightening people away man...... Ya lor, frightening aunty away too man....
  15. Tiwazz di di, u forgot "someone" whom went "missing" with you at Fort Canning also got eat hor.
  16. Ha .. now is in BLACK n WHITE ! Shut ... when are we going to have cheesecake party ?! we can negotiate .. it can be 2 cheesecake + 2 mocha + 2 choco cake... ONZ ? JT .. ok right ? Wah... daylight robbery... how come becomes 6... i tot i overtook JT 4 times only...??? Ahead by 1 step oso count ah.....?? HHmm.. tell u what... no problem.. i'll buy the above.. but you must finish them on the spot... no ta pao-ing.... hahahahaha................. JT, Charlotte, need volunteer to finish the cake?? (sorry when comes to cakes, my skin very thick ) Fennel, you are most welcome. Come come, 3 of u
  17. It has been a long while since I posted any FR for the run as I have not been running. I had a good run last night especially it was a new route for the CBD run. It used to be running passed steamboat places at Marina Bay which make it can see but cannot eat. Yesterday new route was worst, not only we ran passed makan places, we ran passed a lot of pubs so it becomes can see but cannot eat and drink. Such a torture! Even though it was only a day after the KL marathon for some but they sure seems like they can run a marathon every day. Those who went for the KL marathon were the ones leading
  18. :Cry: I where got NBNS? I won't dare, ultra si fu. :sweat:
  19. Tempo run? :Nail Biting: I think I will send someone to deliver the jellies instead. :Worried:
  20. wah .. got egg tarts .. got jellies ... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL .... :Applause: ... Till the Baby Fats makes her Appearance at the WaistLine!!! then.... :Talking Ear Off: :frusty: :Confused: :Worried: haha.... cannot wear chopchop anymore.... :tongue_smilie: Hahaha DO sifu be gentle to Le_charlotte Wee Wee! Loti, u very 'hot' leh. First yr name being mentioned twice in a FR (missing u so much), next u r being honked (getting yr attn EVEN while u r running) and then now Ultra sifu telling DO sifu to be gentle to u (so sayang u). :Thinking: I better not 'bully' you. Will delivered
  21. a-jie .. still have me.. you have to wait for me ah who can eat so many jellies? sotong? :Shame On You: a za bo. :53: sotong have to stand aside. :Big Grin:
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