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  1. suppose to have my last day of rest day at home tmr but got durians.... :Hypnotized: wow.. menu is DURIANS... hmmm should I make a guest appearance all the way from my hse... :Thinking: :Big Grin:
  2. he will not sing :Tounge: we shall see... If he agrees to sing then bui aunty JT will definitely comes to support... :Big Grin:
  3. Errr...there is no bad weather... but I have weak mind... :redface: Yu Ping and I will be chilling out at Swensen at DG. :Party: Swensen is having 1 for 1 ice cream sundae from 26-30 May - coupon voucher can be printed from soshiok.com :yummie:
  4. :redface: My friend (Yu Ping) and I didn't. Tiwazz and Laser, thank you for waiting for us. :smilie_daumen1: As usual, Tiwazz is always very 'loyal' in taking care of new 'birds'. :Big Grin: :Applause:
  5. I am bringing a friend today for the run who is interested in joining group run. She told me she runs slow which I have difficulty to 'comprehend' after knowing SGrunners. :Talking Ear Off: I know now that the word 'slow' is subjective liao. :Waiting: I have not been running over 5k for a long while so I told her we will be the last runners. :redface: The only problem is I never did set E be4. Hence need to do some 'homework' on the route or run a shorter route. If run shorter route then can come back to buy ice-cream lor :tongue_smilie:
  6. Oops only saw this today... am interested in the Tee too but really have to run then can have it ah??? :Nail Biting:
  7. Aunty u noe the route . so u come n lead run slow slow one har? Aunty come for makan not run. :Tounge:
  8. :smilie_daumen1: Anuty will come then. :cool_grin:
  9. oops another member of "siow hong" :Praying: :Big Grin:
  10. :Hmmmph: It takes a "siow hong" to understand another "siow hong" ??? :Thinking: :tongue_smilie:
  11. 'yuan lai ru zhi'!!! Thanks cfred xiao di for enlighting aunty. Now I given the chance to make THE RIGHT choice! :Thinking:
  12. Phew! :sweat: lucky that I am not coming.... Since when I come anyway... :LMAO:
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