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  1. No idea personally, but I like to see you go :P.

  2. hey!

    next year still really unsure. you going?

  3. Death March next yr, bro?

  4. THANKS TFB FOR THE NEVER ENDING CHEERS(: SMILES & SUPPORT! honestly when you're running that tired, those smiles & cheers go a long long way! thanks DO too for specially coming over to me to give me some bread(: it helped alot! was sick of gels & really needed some form of solid food!
  5. ooh how long wld that last run be? hahas
  6. hahas YES. hopefully can pass lah huh. damn sian abt it. i stupidly lost my pdl just this week. how smart huh. ANYWAY! will there be any TFB Runs on next week? like one final one before SD??
  7. anyone frm bishan area going for the run & heading back?? got driving TEST the next morning but cant drive without running first hahas
  8. i think mpa = map! hahas typo. ehhs coastal got melody meh?? i thot if got sounds means....
  9. awesome run! really really tired & sleepy this time (not sure why!) but definitely enjoyed the company of everyone((:
  10. ooh EUGENE! your ahm so fast train ah hahas i dont even knw if ill run yet hahas so fri you can run? ahahs
  11. hahas ill just follow & run!(:
  12. hahas 50km den how much more! dont drink so much! hahas oh ya, takes abt 1300steps for coastal LOL
  13. 50km here we go! hahas
  14. hahahs im just BO LIAO!! someone go verify!
  15. ooh ACID! i see that you wna count trees(: hahas you can count. i help you remember by every 100 okie! hahahahahhas
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