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  1. yo dudes, nice to meet some of you folks today ... had some good high temperature workout this morning ... did only like 18-19km ... (half-run half-walk) ... didn't start with you folks .. cos i was watching ironman world championship live (online) till 8am ... then made my way down to NSRCC and ran from there towards your meeting point ... then back to NSRCC i thought it was only me that found it very hot ... but strangely there were alot of runners at ECP today... and even when i wore a 'disguise' (a hat to cover my botak head) .. quite a few folks from sgrunners and folks from PI run recognise me ... hahaaha anyway all training is good training (no matter how slow i am ) ... look forward to doing a proper 20+km next week
  2. is it the pajero-looking pick up? ... that one is damn good one okie ... its like a 3 litre V6 turbo charged pickup ... in fact ... its like one of the most expensive pick-up looking thing on singapore roads man ... make its very tempting to get a Land Rover Defender ... just to have something super butch-looking and unbreakable .... anyway... Yuri will follow anyone .. so next time if any one wants he/she can walk him lah ... too bad can't join you guys at Old Airport ... over there is not dog friendly one ... so dun wanna cause trouble ... (you know lah ... people in sg like to send all sorts of pictures to stomp one) ...
  3. my sis looks like me meh? .. hmmm .... yeah Yuri has a very thick coat of fur .. and he is also getting very lazy ... he slept like a log after i got him back home around 1pm ... in fact i could have left him with you folks .. and he would happily follow .... he is not your typical husky ..cos some i met ... are actually quite aggressive ... for some strange reason .. i am not so 'nuah' like him... i really wonder who pass him these traits man .... hahahaa wah you folks run really fast man ...
  4. nice to meet u folks while going back to my car to put some stuff ... (after breakfast) went for the Hope Run .. then went to makan breakfast at Carl's Jnr with my dog, niece n sis... didn't get to talk much with you folks .. cos i walked up to support the SPCA folks after that (at the ECP mcdonalds area) ... Yuri (the husky) said hi Regards Alex
  5. Yo Cookie ... so tonight the run is 7-12km .. meeting at the Fat Bird statue is it? .. (is that place called River Promenade?) ... should be able to be there around 6pm ... the pacer folks won't be joining the i-run is it? ... for some strange reason my foot arch is a bit sore ... (maybe that explains my spastic kicking during swim) ... see u later dude (PS: will be quite slow poke tonight though) Regards Alex
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