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  1. yos, orangeguy, nice meeting u too..!!!!i still can remeber de moment were we all crossed de line together..!!!!
  2. kpoibaby, ehm, anything is fine with me, all u need to do is buy and courier me..!!!hahaha, jus kidding...
  3. kopibaby, u did very well today, u were 15-18 mins ahead of ur target time..!!!is it ur pb today??? if so, Congrats...!!!! hope to see ya very very soon..!!!hahah, tak care and finally, thanks to all my fellow pacers..!!!!!
  4. yes, big big big thanks to Kayano for de help... and once again, thanks to all de pacee's for de support and encouragement..!!!!!
  5. Wonderful experience being a pacer and it is not easy..!!! Anyways, Congrats to all those finishers of the race today... hav a gud rest everyone..!!!!
  6. Nice shots Brokie..!!!! :Applause: thanks for de pics...
  7. nice meeting u @ de training today..!!!!!rest well and drink lots of water, see u on dec 7
  8. I know who are "THOSE" crazy ones..!!!!maybe, they wont be able to 18km..let's wait for tmr's update to see how it went....hahahah
  9. wow...with hardly a week to go, we got all excitement and de marathon spirit goin on...!!!!!can't wait for de big day..!!!!! :cheers: :smilie_daumen1:
  10. hehe, uncle spencer...!!!!!oops, i guess am gonna be thrown out of de car soon...!!!!!
  11. curry rice??? where where?????? arghhhhh, too bad, had to miss it..!!!!! :Worried:
  12. hey froots, u rest properly ya....hardly a month left to de SCSM....tak care....
  13. yos, see ya this sat..!!!!
  14. ya rite...after de treadmill session with passion, spencer is having some post-event reactions....i wonder wat passion did to spencer...he has started forgetting things already....
  15. So we shall dress freaky for tomorrow run? :Big Grin: lol...i am in..!!!! :cool_grin: niwas always looks freeaky. =X and froots loks freakier than me with all his messy hair and stuff..!!!hehehehe :cool_grin:
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