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  1. hey all, haven't been on the forum for a longgg time, and haven't been running for even longer time. in case you all were wondering why (it's okay if you weren't ), it's due to a foot injury i sustained due to running, most likely in unsuitable shoes(sigh... ) i'd just like to say that from what i've seen, many of you have been training hard! so rest well and eat well these few days, and all the best for the SCSM! hope you all achieve your targets. looks like my target of doing my first marathon ever this year has gone down the drain, but hopefully i'll still be able to run the sundown marathon... but anyway, once again, all the best!
  2. Your 2 day mileage will be longer than my 1 week mileage. goodness i am slacking. dun seem to have the drive to run more. can it be a sign of burn out? same here >.< nowadays very busy, then reach home shagged already. need to find some really big motivation to go run! haha.
  3. how come saturday is easy run? :Confused:
  4. good run today, except was quite off form due to the long lay off because of flu. anyway, nice seeing u guys again. met niwas, frootloops, terry, spencer and one other person (sorry didn't catch your forum nick) at suntec haha. when i was going there to look at shoes and other running apparel.
  5. wa sunday got new balance real run training run also... hmm... think i might try and drag myself down to ECP to join u all for the run instead. hope still can make it after a really long break (1 week plus) from running due to slight flu + sore throat haha.
  6. anyone going there from marine parade / mountbatten area?
  7. hmm looks like i won't be able to meet u all at the starting point for the run this sat (don't have my own transport), but i think i'll be able to meet u guys on the return leg. anyway, sorry wasn't able to make it this saturday (and won't be able to make it for the coming saturday), looks like more people went? but i took a few days off, did some stretching, and my knee pain seems to be gone for now.
  8. hey guys won't be going down tomorrow, not feeling very well.
  9. I see. gee heard mike say last week still open. hehe thought still got sometime to train for it. thanks for the info! it will serve as a good practice run for SCSM sorry for the OT!
  10. registration still open? i thought close already, went to look some time ago and they said registration not open any more.
  11. can lah last sat u run so fast haha. after a running a while disappear all the way in front already.
  12. nice... looking forward to the run this sat!
  13. hey guys thanks for the run today! nice to meet some people for the first time, and to meet those i'm familiar with again. thanks ultraman for the strong pace as well, otherwise i don't think i would have pushed myself out of my comfort zone . sorry i didn't join u all for macs afterwards, was going to have an early lunch with my family.
  14. yes leh, you are wrong leh. most car parks there are free parking even on weekends except for 3 car parks nearest to the food centre and the one at marina cove. oh my bad. sorry for the misinformation! :redface:
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