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  1. Ok, i will be there for the food. Just like yesterday.
  2. Hi Dream, I be there on sunday , but if my friend is late , than we will play catch up.
  3. I might join you guys tommorrow if able to make it. :tongue_smilie:
  4. Interested in CBD running tee 1. Tiwazz M - Size S 2. burnz M - Size L 3. TLR 4. tohmin 5. brokie F - Size XXS 6. bee 7. ronnie 8. kayano 9. LaserRunner F - Size S 10. terence0023 M - Size M..... 11. shutehelup 12. sxuanjing 13. tekko 14. stuck M - Size S 15. fennel F - Size L 16. Roentgen 17. batx M - Size M 18. piglet F - Size L 19. charlotte 20. tao F - Size L 21. Littletigger M - Size M 22. yankee 23. wensze 24. JT F - Size L 25. hophlng 26. chacha 27. teelee - size XS 28. nikerocks 29. edwinchiam 30. -licht F - size M 31. terry 32. alvo M - Size S 33. chye kwee M - size S 34. jackohsk
  5. Can support and buy the singlet? I used to run the cbd . whahaa. :tongue_smilie:
  6. Errrrrrr, thanks for the food, although i just come down to eat, and did not contribute. :tongue_smilie: it was nice to be at cbd again, although i did not run . =D Try to make it for the run someday. =D
  7. Hi tigger, i am teelee, Nice to meet you. :cheers:
  8. Yeah, nice run today, so actually manage to learn something from imd today, Quite interesting run. :cool_grin: Thanks all :smilie_daumen1:
  9. Your FR very good, =D Continue to write k. =P
  10. The runners are getting faster and faster,,,,, Wah =D And the cakes,, lolz, too sinful. the run not enough to cover up the cake . :cool_grin: Overall it was fun and enjoyable. :cool_grin:
  11. LOL, whts yr friend name,,, your friend really good runner, i forgot his name though......
  12. my van only 80km/h la, alamak.... hahha anyway, light sticks will still be available today.
  13. So is the sticks useful, next week still need? Or harmful , :cool_grin:
  14. Wah,,, THought u tired....haha... But Nice FR again, You the best :cheers:
  15. Teelee... I want Red to match my darling Red SN... Ok,, , must make sure got enough to go around. =P
  16. Ok, i cannot give to all,,, maybe a group take 1,... wahahhaha :cool_grin:
  17. I be providing light sticks just in case it get too darks, for safety reason :cool_grin: Red, Blue , Yellow , Green., Choose.. :cool_grin:
  18. paiseh... i think its 34 ppl... i missed out "tin tin" ... me edited it liao ... Thanks Tiwazzz. :cool_grin:
  19. Wahhha. 33ppl , , who did i miss out sia...
  20. Better than nothing . .too much people to remember everyone, hehe
  21. Ok, a bit late, but FR for yesterday The CBD Run A number of 31 runners came down for the run 31 runners cause i counted 31, (Should be more)sorry if i missed out anyone. Any bigger and i think need a permit to run already. Today marks another runner birthday. Happy birthday Roonz. kj,cosmic,dasher, sv, tiwazz, cannon, tintin, bee, brokie, lehlio gal, cfred, superboy, charmane, shut, shut mha, taz, puay hien and gang, roonz, angelicawonders, sxuanjing, aichai, philip, run3, kay, rayner , meteor,jamesoh and charlotte. tekko made a special appearance at the end of the run. (Who did i miss ou
  22. ok, i try later on, 1st now is brazil and ghana. FR for the run coming out later. :cool_grin:
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