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  1. Same, ditched SCMS several years ago. Will only re-consider to join if there's substantial changes to race routes and better organisation. Also ditched all 10km and most 21km events. Routes are almost similar and not value-for-money. Exception is Safra AHM which continues to be attractive with it's $16 registration fees (21km for Nsmen). Have been looking and running overseas for the past 2-3 years now. No regrets and never looking back.
  2. Yup at Pu Luong Nature Reserve, 140km south-west of Hanoi. I think the total participants for 25km, 42km and 70km numbered less than 1,000. Happening next weekend.
  3. wow, you were back home so fast after AHM today :o) haha ... thanks for sharing cab from Bedok stadium to Esplanade. Cya in coming races ... cheers

  4. Hello Hans Goh

    Hmm, none that i know of at the moment :)

  5. Hi, do you know of anyone who has registered SCMS but is not able to run? I would like to take over. Thanks.

  6. SCMS on 5th Dec ... Cya all and enjoy the race!

  7. Genting Awana Trail-Blazer on 31 Oct 2010. Cya, those who are going : )

  8. Hi SCKhoo

    Dun mention, my pleasure. Found out recently about Snap n trades ... great way to have a couple a nice running photos. You doing FM for Penang Nov 2010? B'cos i'm also doing : ) Cya and cheers


  9. hey, thanks for the plug for SnapnTrades in SGrunners forum.Appreciate it. comment and feedback are very welcome.

  10. Thanks, i've got your email and replied to you. Cya this Sun (25/4)for Tee exchange before start of run. Cheers : )

  11. Alright. I'll drop u an email with my hp number?

  12. Okay then, we will swap the T-shirt size.

    Yes, indeed it would be easier we do it on event day this coming Sun, 25 Apr. Will try to be there early. Let's arrange meeting place/time later. Thanks.

  13. Hi,

    yes, the shirt's still available for exchange. Would it be easier if we do it on the actual event day?

  14. Hi Alexandra

    Yes i have 'M' size which i would like to change for the 'L' your bf's having. I am changing for a friend, if still available. Pls let me know. Thanks


  15. Bro, i've signed up for the 13/12/09 run


    cya on tis Sunday...will sms u soon =)

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