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  1. 2017 ambitions:

    2 x 21km; reduce BF to 15%; doing my 1st pull up

  2. i'm selling my slot for der sundown 21k mens

  3. as much as i wana join in some running groups, my work schedule sometimes doesnt forbid. so i end up running alone, taking advise from you sifus! wen is army half usually held? i actually plan to do in 2009: 1. nike human race 10k (if have lah) 2. GE 10k 3. SCM half marathon 4. vertical marathon up the swissotel hope these can prepare me for the HM stand chart end 2009!
  4. NG! danks, terry, for der advice! i've consulted a doctor regarding physical activities b4. he said as long as i take my medication b4 each activity, i'm ok to go. now is just to train for stamina. right now, i anyhow humtum. run as much as i can each time, only resulting in severe aches den rest for many days. so end up, only training ONCE a week. dats my only question. is dat der way to do it?
  5. wahahahaha!! true true! but i never ran since sec 4! dats like... yonks ago! i HATED to run. so started only in august. i'm one who can swim better dan running. so yeah, nid LOADS of time to train! a kiasu runner, dats me! :Big Grin:
  6. aaaaaar.... wats a sub 4? i know i confirm nid A LOT of training. as it is now, i can only train for next year's half marathon. i smoker plus got medical problem, so nid more time dan others! so to complete a marathon in 2009, i tink it's a bit... impossible lah!
  7. You want to know more, sign up for a marathon lor.. b4 august, i cud only run max 2.4. only started serious training after dat. my 10k timing is 1hr36min. i oni ran max 8k. den slogged my way back.... u tink i can do marathon meh..........
  8. erm......... how come there are different pacers? sorry, i not a marathoner (yet). din know there is such a thing as a PACER.
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