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  1. lol.. think i too hungry munching food ... more food photos for the run .. http://sgrunners.smugmug.com/Run%20Togethe...Sessions/710496 CBD run has come a long way with littletigger & tiwazz supporting it all the way ... and the runners from all over the place .. We hope the run continue to be enjoyable for everyone .. when u free ... do come & run .. when u r too busy .. do come over & say hi preferably with food ... lol.. kidding... cheers
  2. Are we going back in time?..... so the NEXT session is going to be 3 years ago? hmmmmm :Thinking: typo error lah lol.. than when ah?
  3. .. here is the group photo ... u can save the original file from the link below.. if got problem ... let me know ... http://sgrunners.smugmug.com/gallery/67843...433470059_Faq7U thanks for the great company and the tiramisu by -licht .. cheers
  4. jus added mine ... updates on pg 185 ... wat color ah?? yellow with stripes ah ...
  5. Should be... if TeeKong (whoever he is) can't make you DRY, please make your friends WETTER!!!?!?! lol .. today dont ask TeeKong to make frens wetter ya ... To all running this evening ... enjoy ur run with the full moon .. .. Happy Mooncake Festival ... hmm ... wasted ..cant join ... at least the route will be brighter today... rite??
  6. Please take care sxuanjing. Hope you recover soon to join us....anyway what ails you?? Is it the Flu bug hey FBB ..thanks .. haha ..but it an MC but not sick .. hmm.. but really miss out the tue fun .. so happenings!! .. cool ...
  7. hallo . .. i not joining u guys/ gals for the run tomor .. some MC tomor .. so will not be in office .. all of u enjoy the run .. cheers
  8. Yes, i be there. hey i might not be able to make it this tue .. some briefing at 6pm..dont know wat time it ends .. hmm ... u can join for makan after the run. If I can make it to the run, I'll bring durian puff, burp, keep one for you? heehee ..thank u .. but hor...hmm.. might join my colleagues for the run .. but i still try to join the makan .. hehe .. tempting .. hehe else think sotong will clear for me .. haha
  9. Yes, i be there. hey i might not be able to make it this tue .. some briefing at 6pm..dont know wat time it ends .. hmm ...
  10. Hi evelynwee Great to have you join the forum & joining the runs .. c u soon hey ..do give an intro of urself at the new member corners special privilege only for new member .. hehe http://sgrunners.com/forum/index.php?showforum=7 cheers
  11. :sweat: :nope: :nope: :sweat: .. uncle .. u sabo by hearing wrongly ah .. .
  12. pai sei .. time limited for me to browse the thread .. but ...........quick update ........ i hear thunders here at tanjong pagar .. rain not pour yet ..
  13. hi all .. sorry .. doubt i can make it for the run today .. really stuck in the office .. if times permit. .. hopefully i can pop by for dinner .. cheers .. have a good run
  14. yes ..the route is splendid .. & pai sei ..thanks all for pacing auntie ... hehe ... really appreciate it
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