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  1. Anyone knows what's the registration fee for the 10km this year?
  2. Is there a running track parallel to East Coast Parkway between golf course and Ford Road? That's new to me.
  3. There were a group of runners running at the 6h pace. One of the runners were running with a big golden '6' balloon. They are not part of the official pacer group but there were present last yr too. I'm not sure if they come in on time cos while I did overtook them at F1 pit building, I never saw them again after I stopped for a walk break. Last yr I overtook them for a short while at ECP but again they overtook me and I never saw them again ~lol~ Oh yah, now I remember seeing that big "6" balloon that looked like a huge banana from far. No wonder I didn't see it at all despite overtaking it and crossing the finishing line at 6:02 gun time subsequently.
  4. Just wondering, was there any 6 hr pacer group? If yes, does anyone know if they finished on time or came in late?
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