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  1. Hi, are you still looking for people to purchase VFF online?

  2. Okay, I will stick to my double Latte at the moment then. Cos I prefer double caffeine ones... haha

    Next round if you are ordering again, let me know yah? Will like to get the Tangerine ones. =)

  3. My real name's Eric, h/p: 96797232. I will like to take 10 sachets of double Latte. In addition, can I check if you can order Tangerine flavour also? I can take the whole box if no one else takes this flavour.

  4. Hi, I am interested in getting 10 sachets of the double Latte flavour if you are getting new stocks.

  5. Great run. Thanks for organising, sorry that I took so long to complete. Think it is time to work a bit on the speed...
  6. Sorry, originally posted going for this run. But forgot this Saturday I am on duty in the morning, thus gonna pull out... sad... =(
  7. Dream, I am very very sorry... Woke up late just now, I think body was a bit tired, woke up at 540am, but somehow my hand went to off the alarm without my brain's concensus... Sorry to fly this aeroplane. Hope you guys are having a good run now! The weather looks good from my house area. I shall go for my own run now...
  8. I want to join, but I am working on Saturday morning... Might bump into you guys though, as I am working at about 730am, and will be driving through the road leading to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Sunday got run a not?
  9. Thanks for organising the training. It was a good run for me today, at least I managed to sustained running the main bulk of the 24km as compared to the one last week. Kudos to Team FB! =) *I was the big sized guy with white sleeveless and grey shorts, running with the 5:30hr pace group, but eventually dropped to running alone due to insufficient water on the return leg off NSRCC.*
  10. what? i thought they say the race starts at 30k? For some of us mortals, it starts at 21km mah... I think I am nearer to Earth... started after abt 15km for me...
  11. It was a nice run with you guys. Too bad I have to rush off to work and only managed to complete about 14km. Will try to join more runs in future. Signed, the big guy in green sleeveless t-shirt and fuel belt.
  12. yo ericx... this coming SCSM is my 1st marathon... and mi target to complete by 5 to 5.30hr... hope i can achieve that... btw, the sifus of the fatbird pacer can definitely help u to achieve your aim / improve your timing :Big Grin: So you are also going for the Saturday run? My target this year is to break the 6hrs mark, to go for 5hr+. I tried the Sundown without training, was horrible... 8hrs...
  13. of course, but what is your definition of "slower runners".... some ppl say they run at below 6 mins/km for a marathon and call themself slow runner. My aim is to maintain 8km/hr for the coming marathon... Last year which was my first run, I took total of 6hr 40min... So I don't really belong to those who "feel they are slow" group. =) we even welcome snails.... hahahahha... come la... come join us. you can run your own pace or try to catch the 5-5:30 pacers. catch me la... i am always last. Well, if you are catching the 5-5:30 group, think I will be replacing you as one of the last... my pace at the moment at best is 6hr I think. Not much increment in training as compared to last year. This doesn't sound very normal to me... I hardly do more than 10km usually... Sigh...
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