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  1. Thanks for the pictures. U can do it.
  2. Thanks Bug for showing us the way up those challenging slopes but is worth it, the views are great! Thanks everyone for the run & of course the yummy claypot laska + ABC (brokie now u know what is it hor?) See u next Sun at MR.
  3. Thanks to Dream, Ultraman, Bug & the team for a great run this morning. The pace is definitely not smell flower pace haha. NUS slopes? Is it worst then this morning slopes?
  4. quote] Thank you, yamsong, for your compliments. Thank you very much. Congrats on your good timing. Thank you. I cant achieved it without Fatbird pacer training.
  5. A BIG THANK YOU to the Fatbird pacers training. I started out 6mins late & didnt have a chance to run with the 4hr pacer but I must say Fatbird pacers are great! They run to the actual pace & I do not think the 4:15 pacers were infront of the 4hr group as I ran passed the 4:15 pacers but 4hr pacers were no where in my sight. The adidas pacers were quite screw up (sorry to say that). If any runner follow their pace will surely be in trouble. I cut 3 of the 4:30 pacers & after a few more km, I cut another 4:30hr pacer. In my heart I was thinking what's happening, how can be same pace time but at so different km apart? It boils down to training for the pacers. The Fatbird team of pacers have put in weeks of training in order for us to achieve our goals! Cheers to Fatbird team!!!
  6. A BIG Thank You to Team Fatbird for the training sessions. Let's all have a good run next Sunday.
  7. Thanks Cokiee for the explanation Yes, in the ultra marathon you can also try figs and/or dates. :smilie_daumen1: Ultra sifu, I'll try eating rasins in this Sun PI 30km, 1st time eating things during run hope everything turns out fine 4 me.
  8. If you believe, there's a higher chance you will and imo, u can Thanks Raven, will do my best & go for 4hr stretch goal. Hope 6 more weeks enough to gear up. Hi yamsong. great to see you today. thanks for coming up to me and knocking my shoulder so hard with your banana! hahaha.... i turned around and wondered who the hell this guy was! so fierce one! it really took me a long while to realise it was YOU!!!! haiya.... after 28 years, still no change... still so naughty! but it was just too bad that you had to run off so fast! I thought i would have the chance to catch up with you once i was done with the distribution of the gears. too bad lor.... next time lor.... aiyo u really "jia lat" i went down ecp pacer trg few times waved at u but u bo chap me so yesterday muz knock u with banana lor hehe always got chance to catch up, good luck to your korea marathon.
  9. Thanks to Ultra & Raven for leading few of us in the 4hr group. Weather was nice yet I crashed somewhere after 25km or so, stomach ache, feeling breathless & slight pain between the chest. Part walk & run till 32km, took 3hr13mins. Guess it'll be a daunting task for me to hit the 4hr time in SCM. Will revise my goal to 415 to 430 & hope everything turn out well on 7 Dec.
  10. will be there this sat, not sure can finish 35km but will try to
  11. if i am not lazy and in good mood, maybe one day i will make barley. but so many of you..... U intend to ask the milo lorry out? :cool_grin: excuse me, it is called the milo VAN la... not lorry! these days got Charmane's Barley....but I have yet to get a drop of it lah....came back too late also lah....haha huh! got charmane barley? then i no need to make lo. Charmane, I WANT! Hahaha!! I will try to make la...but no guarantee ah!! Brokie! Then you must come back faster!! These boys ah...just drink and drink only...They no care one hor! So must come back fast!! I reserve for U la! Charmane, thanks for the nice barley it was great!!! haha i'm 1 of those kept drinking cannot resists
  12. er... yamosng, this one spencer say one har... not i say one okay. wahaha how come spencer din wait for brokie huh? ok i promise to wait next time i go down for training
  13. hey Yamsong, you guys did great maintaining that pace all the way back....you were very strong, and even at times had the tendency to pull DO along at a faster pace....I had to tell you to slow down lah....haha... With the progressive FatBird Marathon Training, you should be on track for sub-4hr....believe you can, and you will haha i was following DO sifu pace & was happy to call him to slow down i'm aiming to complete in 4hr30min but will stretch if feels good on actual day thanks for the tips & hope to join in more training if it falls on sun
  14. hello! i called u lah & i said u late huh, u replied ya ya.... so now i know u replied wo looking who hi to u hor alamak! you did! and i replied? er.... actually, many people who called out to me like know me very well but many times i really do not know who they are. er... do me a favour. next time say "i'm yamsong! you late again har?" okay, seriously, when did you see me? saw u at changi coast road ok ok if training falls on sun i'll join u guys again
  15. excuse me! you were there again? i think we are destined not to meet. hello! i called u lah & i said u late huh, u replied ya ya.... so now i know u replied wo looking who hi to u hor
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