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  1. wahaha seems have lotsa good feedbacks. Good job Joe! I believe that thru this organising , you be a very good race organiser liao, esp at community level.. GXGX
  2. This is first time I see organiser so prompt in replying and in a long reply,of course in a good way. So thumbs up for Mr. Joe.. for the time and effort.
  3. I am not in this race but I knw one thing, we can all agree to disagree and respect each opinion. How others wanna spend their money/personal view of worth of 'goodie bag/freebies' is their rights... hah enjoy the race =)
  4. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.900891403264970.1073741919.519326344754813&type=3 pics by pictureart
  5. photos are up from running shots (facebook); https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.838712769510330.1073743036.309422402439372&type=3
  6. May I know if there a link to the JRL photos? or which area is it in ar?
  7. thanks for the results link and summary.. so 10km total runners 3856 pax.. and divided into 3? waves. oh anyway, for me in most events, I don't deposit my bags unless its a long event that requires me to bring more clothes and food else I will just run with a pouch.
  8. Participants tend to forgive n forget and usually only 3/10 or lesser really boycott any event. And when they do boycott, it would be of some serious issues which may often have happen to them personally. Say they met into a accident due to safety lapse by organiser, bags got misplaced/stolen, never receive any tees or any expectations which they deem failed by organiser. And if it doesn't happen to us, we will just read the reviews as like a story or experience from other past participants and to take caution if necessary. And ppl re-join the events because from past experience, its still
  9. looking forward for future 10km race in late afternoon, any recommendations? of cos the cheaper the better.. lazy to run HM liao ley.. mindset issue..
  10. Another thing is the pile of personal bags belonging to helpers that are begin piled up on 2 combined tables by the side of the exit in the tees collection tentage. And anyone, not only runners can easily walk up and take things away... there should be a no entry tentage except for officials or staffs for their personal belongings . The tentage%
  11. wah got ppl steal tees ah *henceforth I call them thieves... its criminal offence k. hope they tio stomped..
  12. I was tagging with the first 3 runners of wave 2, 2 Chinese guys and 1 Caucasian guy and ran with them till 3 to 4km point, weaving thru the wave 1 crowds and stairs. It proves to be a challenge with narrow path, runners, walkers and public strollers. But good thing is got view to see lah unlike boring east coast rd.
  13. I was in front, hesitated whether to join wave 1 or 2 until the marshaller help me made a decision (when they close the yellow barricades). see the blue tee (not singlet but the MR25 ultra finsher shirt) lol
  14. wah autumn , you were standing close to me (based on your photos in your review), I am the one on your left wearing blue tee.. =)
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