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  1. Can't make it for CBD today, got company gathering. Hee.. dun have to do intervals
  2. Hmm.. not sure if i can still run on the 5th or not but I'll be there! Will bring something too!
  3. Wat 2nd helping? :/ i only took 1 piece... in 2 parts
  4. I REALLY LOVE CBD RUN! Forever so fun! So many goodies to eat, so many birthdays to celebrate, so many kakis to run with, so many pictures taking sessions, so many happy hours together, so many so many more to come! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  5. ah bee did not disappear today! thank you everyone! I enjoyed the run today.... a bit out of form... All of you ran very fast no need to pass here and there.... thanks for the cake, the wishes and thoughtfulness.. I'm very touched.. I really enjoyed my birthday celebration with you folks.. It it indeed very, very memorable! with the special date with new group of friends... ... .. :jasmine: It was a big group! I really did not expect such a big group.. I only expected at the most 10 to 12... but it turned out to be about 20? I lost count! First time I celebrated with a run on my birthday
  6. i tink so too... he was FAST!! esp towards e end.. ZOOM! :smilie_daumen1: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> speed 2 fast for my idea of a relax run. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Someone said wanna do recovery run... slow one.. cover rear...
  7. Really had fun today, thanks everybody for the fun and yummy cakes and puffs and drinks! Such a big group today! Hee.. must be all were concerned that Ah Bee might disappear again.. so many bodyguards (even our renoh turned up) to escort birthday ger for the run
  8. Wat did i say :/ oh dear Philip.. after MR your hamstring dun feel good liao.. aiyo, tot i asked you not to run after the mei meis lor! Hey Ronnie, it's okie lah, we'll stick to the usual route.. when all up to it then we do longer route
  9. u no ke ke...u wan 2 c the also. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. Thank goodness you are safe ah bee.. So no more running alone for you during our CBD run, go toilet must raise your hands and get approval, and also see 8-packs must not run after... even if wanna run after also must jio your jie jie meteor :cool_grin:.. hee.. more for your safety than anything lah
  11. sv dun wan to sponsor leh <{POST_SNAPBACK}> SV, lets go play tennis and eat tiramisu :cool_grin: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oni those who can play tennis are entitle to eat tiramisu. :cool_grin: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> me! me!
  12. Such joy to run with you guys/gals! Thanks for everything people! The brownie was so yummy! Thanks Philip boi boi! (hey, i can still recognise you lah, so you not disfigured okie, still look like the same old you.. oops! same young you i mean.. hee). Hey Kops, we miss you lor.. first time you 'pon teng' CBD run.. hee
  13. Once again, it was a great fun run! Said it many times but still the same old words.. i really enjoyed the CBD run :smilie_daumen1: Hey, Tiwazz, thanks for spurring me on during the last part of our run.. you can't be covering the back liao.. you run so fast! So nice to meet you people, evelynwee, paulh n aichai, hope to see you in the coming Katong run
  14. okie.. so we have Tiwazz swiss pecan pie lor.. hee!
  15. now i got a valid reason why i should NOT join CBD run <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey! only one not very valid reason for not joining.. now give you many valid reasons for joining: - got nice scenery - got great running kakis to run with - got many cute ger ger to run with you - got free drinks after run, now even got snack leh.. coming soon.. tiramisu from SV, cheese cake from Bala.. so Gentle, we'll see you soon ya!
  16. Enjoyable run! Got special treat some more after run yummilicious cranberry cookies.. thanz to Junie.. really yummy yum yum! :smilie_daumen1: Hmm... now balasing, where's your cheese cake??
  17. Thanks to Kops and Tiwazz for drinks and bananas. Great hospitality and warmth after generous donation of blood (ok, not to me :-), money and time. Here's the Banana man chase that I mentioned at the post-run chit-chat. http://www.jambajuice.com/community/bananaman.html <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Interesting Banana man chase! So fun lor Its in the US rite? Ya rite, must thank Kops for the Bananas and drinks! What a pleasant surprise to be rewarded with bananas after the run, yummy yum yum! My turn to buy drinks for the next CBD run
  18. paiseh paiseh...neber jio u along... :redface: u free to go meh.... our appointmet was 530pm wif them leh..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Erm.. feel like joining you guys to donate blood too.. though a bit scared :sweat: Next round let me know, think if Alvo go, maybe i not so scared. How nice if they give lollipop after donating blood hor..
  19. Thanks to all! Another fun run today! Nice scenery and beautiful full moon. I'm hooked to CBD run liao lah... :cheers:
  20. what cup u want? There are those measuring cups or rather spoons available that you can purchase and use it for measurement. My mum love to bake and have all those "tools" available. I am a lazy bum....just wanna eat <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i'll try to bake 'some day' and you guys be my guinea pigs
  21. Thanz Kops, so you tried any of these recipe before ah? hee.. i always got a problem with their measurement.. the cup they refer to.. dun know how big is the cup lor Hmm.. wonder if Sxuanjing got any secret recipe for cheesecake?
  22. It was Sxuanjing who provided the drinks. Can we have cheesecake next time, Sxuanjing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ..cheesecake???? bringing down the drinks is easier than running .. meteor .. try as i might .. to run with u next week .. but u got to wait for me ... hehe kickjazz, great tt u have joined us .. no worries .. we run to enjoy .. & great to u guys every tue .. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha.. think you'll need to wait for me lah. Hmm.. so you know how to bake cheesecake isit? must give me recipe ya.. hee
  23. oops! sorry THANKS to meteor for keeping me company! :cheers: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hee, so i'll see you next week ya? Join us for dinner after the run yo
  24. its really very slow leh. Its ok buddy, i understand i understand As the rules go, next run onwards, mei mei i will take care, jie jies n above, you take care :smilie_daumen1: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oi, di di.. you dun wanna run with me liao meh.. breaks my heart yo! Hey, you ought to know.. there are only two categories.. mei mei and jie jie, no 'n above' category okie.. ai, still got more to learn from your brothers..
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