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  1. @Lady Ice At this stage, it is still advisable not to have mass events as people will gather, leading to big crowds and covid-19 infection for more persons. Good and long blog write-up post you have there.
  2. @AutumnRunner Agreed. Covid-19 is still present and some countries are not able to handle the current situation now (increasing cases, resources exhausted etc). We can do our part here by running alone and going to places which are not so crowded. Good pointers by Runners World there.
  3. Great to see some sgrunners from Eastern SG and getting the needed workout today. Good tips from kohpapa on safety distancing during exercise. I chose an industrial area with a park and saw less than five runners during today's morning run. Continue to stay safe and healthy here during this tough times.
  4. The qualifying time for the Males Olympics Marathon is indeed tough at 2 hours 11 mins 30 secs. As for now, we don't have any runners who can complete a full marathon below 2 hours 10 mins to comfortably qualify for the Olympics Marathon. Let's wait for future potential runners who can make this happen.
  5. @Lady Ice Thanks for the mention on MAF nutrition method. I won't call MAF a diet as the term "diet" carries a negative connotation. As the MAF Method covers 8 steps, I will limit it to just the nutrition aspect (carbohydrate intolerance) first which is explained at https://philmaffetone.com/method-step-1/ and also the two-weeks test at https://philmaffetone.com/2-week-test/ The MAF Method website also has a good library of current and previous articles on nutrition which we can learn and be more informed. The link is at https://philmaffetone.com/category/nutrition/ On running technique, I agree with @Lady Ice that good technique is the preventive solution to help address sports injuries and pain. Let's be honest and admit that even with the most advanced shoe technology, it is not going to make one injury-free without good technique. Before I forget, the "Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing" also had a dedicated section on Diet and Nutrition. It starts from Chapter 12 to 22 for people who are interested.
  6. @Mathew Grant Welcome to the SGRunners forum. Thanks for writing a condensed version of POSE Method of Running in the weblink provided. I am curious to know if you have acquired the certified pose method running specialist title?
  7. @kohpapaThanks for sharing this information. As an Eastside runner, I will have a go at this training route with the appropriate running kit. Sidetracking a bit, I recall this "Eastern Delight" (doesn't look "delightful" to me) 48km route done by an informal running group in Sep 2013. The route's details can be seen at https://www.mapometer.com/running/route_3840861.html Start/end points are at ECP area C4. However, please note that the route used the defunct Tampines Trail Bike Park which had some forest and roller coaster slopes which is no longer applicable.
  8. @AutumnRunner Just curious if you are managing Achilles Tendinitis better, given that it seems to be recurring for you?
  9. I saw this forum topic late and this will be my version one short reply here. More details to come add supporting visuals and sources: 1. As my training focus is more on duration (time-based), I am not too fixated on target distance although I race very minimally for a full marathon (42.195km). 2. Eastern Singapore! Think of the first two editions of Adidas Sundown route 2008/2009) which focused on the heartland residential areas. See this image for the route (click here). Other good running areas in Singapore which are often quoted: Singapore Sports Hub area (zero traffic light route used by most running organisers), Mount Faber Park(for the stairs and slopes), Punggol area which is good for clocking long runs, Chinese Garden etc 3. For weekly training, I am focused more on getting at least 4 hours of weekly aerobic training volume (walk/stairs/running/swim/gym etc). So the training plan is quite freestyle and can be adjusted for situations. In addition, I also do a monthly MAF test (see this weblink in Dr Phil Maffetone's website for more details) to assess my current progress. 4. I am currently using minimalist footwear/zero drop shoes with little cushioning as wearing heavy cushioned shoes will give me the injuries now instead. Used to be dependent on liquid gels for race nutrition but started to use sport candies/ electrolyte sticks from year 2014. 5. Before learning running technique and training philosophy, I had shin splints often. The turning point was in year 2009 which I started to self-learn POSE Method of Running from international experts via an online forum for that time. Fast forwarding to the next period, I went for the two days training course on August 2016 to become a certified POSE Method Running Technique Specialist. Stayed injury-free ever since with proper technique learnt. The next learning point was on MAF Method (always misunderstood by most first-timers as only low heart-rate training). Learn more about it in the weblink here and please see the infographic below to see the three main pillars that makes up the MAF method:
  10. Just to add on to what kohpapa had contributed, The Straits Time had also published two news articles on the SEA Games 2019. They are quite critical towards athletics and football. The links are as follows: 1) https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/track-football-told-to-buck-up [Last accessed 12 Dec 19] 2) https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/team-singapore-report-card [Last accessed 12 Dec 19] In (2), Athletics was given a grade D and football was given a grade F.
  11. Indeed! This reminds me of a concept: Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) to develop people with potential to succeed in sports. Ideally, we should start to develop children when they are at young age. However, in Singapore, sporting is not seen as a viable/profitable career compared to the usual career path which is seen more "stable".
  12. To digress a bit from the main topic, @kohpapa made some good points on the importance of being active and making it a healthy lifestyle habit (not to be forced upon). There is also this initiative in Singapore to encourage healthy living. Website link is at https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/singapore/ for people who are interested.
  13. Some quick comments for the SEA Games athletics while I am watching Nara Marathon 2019 live telecast on YouTube. 1) Without Soh's participation in this SEA Games 2019 due to the ongoing dispute with SA, the new entrant will represent in Singapore for the full marathon event. The time difference from the current SEA Games 2019's men marathon winner - Prayogo Agus - against our debutant: Gordon is twenty minutes. By distance running standard, this is considered a big gap. 2) Seeing it positively, we are letting new athletes getting the exposure to such regional competitions, building up their experience here. 3) Compared to Kohpapa's actual athletics experience, mine is limited to hearing from friends/contacts who worked/interacted with SA, the sentiment towards SA is not positive. At the danger of being marked out by SA, I won't go into the details. 4) Let's hope the remaining SG athletes do well in the SEA Games here.
  14. Agree with @beast. Best is subjective to each individual and these "best marathons listed are going to do big damage to our pockets. So we need to plan in advance and budget for these events if we decide to do so. My view is that one hasn't finish exploring the Asia region running events, it is a pity since there are quality running events waiting to be discovered. Nice to see also the veteran/new runners trying their first full marathon here and good effort to you people! Before I forget, @topkek93 mentioned some good points and it is more of a compromise to make the event enjoyable/bearable for both event participants and the public.
  15. @mover Great to see another member using MAF Method. Just to sidetrack, here is some information on the MAF Method for people who are interested: a) https://philmaffetone.com/method/ (overview of the MAF Method with an infographic) b) https://philmaffetone.com/white-paper-maf-exercise-heart-rate-can-help-improve-health-sports-performance/ (Just read the section:"180 formula for MAF HR" if the position paper sounds too technical.) c) https://philmaffetone.com/the-180-review/ (Revision to the 180 formula for people being overfat and suffering from chronic overtraining)
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