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  1. Hi shahrilr, PMed u, thks!
  2. Hi gabrielitx, PMed u. Thks!
  3. Hi, SgRunners may use promo code 0904TFB to enjoy special rate at $26. Thanks
  4. LOL.. the object is the monks.. not me!
  5. Woo Hoo! I love this b/w version!!!
  6. U inverted your name as well..LOL
  7. i think street directory could view a better map... but could not copy here i think.. or i dunno how..
  8. TEST leh.. not lesson.. dun play play..
  9. Nike should pay me advertising fee eh? haha..
  10. pls take good care of my fren huh :tongue_smilie: U mean nicole?
  11. There will be a big group hanging around there for registration.. Some will wear running top printed with Team Fatbird, Follow Our Pace, Win the Race.. just come and introduce yourself. =)
  12. Later i go market buy one papaya and freeze it.. make sure u finish it k.. haha..
  13. Ultra Sifu, becos ur heart is with us.. that's why that day wanna rain but didn't.. keke..
  14. Haha.. we like to take stun pic.. Njoy ur run tomorrow on whichever distance.. some of us will be going sub-urban run for race and pictures..
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