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  1. Special thanks to all the 430 pacer if I hadn't follow your pace I would be one of the runner which will start walking at after the 27km road mark. thanks guys.
  2. you also going ninja on tredmill later right! =P guys how to do ninja training? can share? (jump from buliding to bulidings?)
  3. Thanks everyone. It is fun and great running with you guys. I laugh a lot and felt a lot better running in groups for long distance training. Sometime running this kind of distance really make our minds wonders if we are doing it alone. Be there for the next one.
  4. Oh you are runstep. Nice meeting you.
  5. ckoksing, we will just run from B2 towards Changi Coastal Road, and U-turn on 13km mark (check with the Garmin and Polar footpod people) OR U-turn after running for 1hr18min - 1hr30min (about 6min/km-7min/km pace). Thanks, dream.
  6. hey for this Sunday training are we going to go all the way to changi or doing a u turn back to carkpark b2?
  7. hehe I overslept and carried on sleeping another 30mins before I wake up for work. Sorry. Join another time.
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