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  1. really wanna to come later. But thinking of the slope there my legs turn jelly . U guys doing interval at the top? Think I need a recovery run. LOL.
  2. think it was raining heavily so not many turned up. haha... I was sick so went home instead. LOL. Got warning from shifu not to spread the germ around . But weather was nice to run after the rain haha.. Just that a bit quiet since not many runners around.
  3. after eating a magnum classic, I think I should run to my bed now hahahaaaaa *pig alert*
  4. my side sunny~ hahaa.. but heard thunderstorm now. so weird this weather! uncle Sleek, coming later or not? hehe
  5. lazy bum! hahaha think bbm will be happy later. hahaha... got the shark rabbit to run with him. Come come, uncle pest spray will show u how macho cbd runners are later Ooopppssss hahahaaa
  6. yesssss! every week is the same place (i think? hahaha) hey, aren't u supposed to do interval today? Go try Safra!!! Today should be nice!!!
  7. I foresee another interval session for me if I come tomorrow . Miss Roonz is coming what hahaha...
  8. very busy poking here and there huh. U coming tomorrow or not? LOL.
  9. I'm newbie what. Mommy said if don't know must ask. TIGGER BULLY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  10. what u guys normally do at the stadium? interval?
  11. u missed out the elephant! how dare you! @Brokie: , hope to see ya next week hehee~~ Brokie, u wrong. What smell smoke! He makes smoke, and got noise at the same time! very good at it some more. Right iceman ?? esp after hard run
  12. Cannot stop laughing thinking of ur face after u did stair esp the last set wahahahaaaaaaaaaa . but Tiwazz and iceman refering to the blue one as rabbit. LOL. not me. hehe~
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