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  1. glad that you enjoy it! Glad that ah bee u hv enjoyed ur duo run too!
  2. dun change subject leh,we repeat the qns:who is the hunk who ran with Ah bee last nite har?
  3. Hi roonz!I'm dropping by to say hi at ur territory here!;)*waves*


  4. I will be able to join u guys for next week CBD run!Looking forward to seeing u guys again,CDB crowd is unique,it's still one of the most friendly n approachable runner groups that i hv encountered so far,thank you guys! :jasmine:
  5. Take care eh ! Run too much is it ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ronnie,Is that due to ur sat WHR run?Take care,rest well,see u at mizuno on sun!
  6. Special thanks to Sxuanjing,Rotengen n teelee for running with me,so slow leh me,very paiseh,i wldnt be able to finish the whole of 9km without the encouragement fr u guys!thanks once again :cheers: this is really a nice cosy kumpung place to belong to,salute to all sgrunners!
  7. must keep some food for me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sure sure,nemo may bring a taiwan Binglang槟榔 miu miu cake for you
  8. i think you wait for me better.. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> both of u wait for each other n chiong together lor 当我们同在一起,在一起...
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