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  1. okay.. thanks. All Good Things must register lah... Nike Run Club SG
  2. tsk tsk the nike run club can just go run or must register?
  3. Haha... let's end it here and get back to marathon training schedule.
  4. I dunno she gt bf la. Cause her bf so behind then she walking. Then I cheer her on & her bf "power-up"! I was like LOL! harrr?? encourage ppl also kenna diao? these days hao xin mei hao bao...
  5. Nike Run I encouraged one girl kana diao by her bf. LOL! i guess most of the people you met at the booth will be there.
  6. la senza is sure gg for a lot of runs. Lol... hahaha. Preserved old SOTONG . cool!!
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