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  1. Combination of virtual and safe distanced in person events Metasprint registration
  2. Fort Canning Run registration link Free virtual run at Fort Canning Hill. Top 40 men/women win a chance to participate in their physical event held at a later date
  3. https://hksg.run/ Free virtual run to be completed at Macritchie. Optional medal/shirt available for purchase as well
  4. In person event to go ahead but an antigen covid test is required
  5. Best of luck Uncle. What do your sources tell you about the format for the final race?
  6. Already got version 2.0 which includes a t shirthttps://www.hometeamns.sg/realrun/
  7. Delayed until next year per the Facebook event page
  8. Will have to just run this on the Mandai trails instead
  9. Hard to resist signing up for this one as the cost is only $15 with the loyalty rate
  10. In the end I will just do the Straits Times virtual run as the cost is low and the timing is the same as this run.
  11. Agree my guess is that it will be shifted to sometime in 2021 as I don't see them obtaining approval this year. Safer to just wait
  12. Offering live and virtual options with staggered start times https://runninghour.com/race
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