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  1. Oh... no. Its a bit too similar to this: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/aug/28/digital-shackles-the-unexpected-cruelty-of-ankle-monitors https://www.themarshallproject.org/2019/10/28/my-gps-tracked-life-on-parole
  2. You know, this kind of reminds me of the movie “Ready Player One”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSp1dM2Vj48 The world hasn’t gotten that bad yet that I’ll trade in a real race for one in VR. By the way, I wonder what would they do to prevent someone from setting their treadmill to 16kph, then later claiming to have run the marathon in 2:37, when they were actually sitting on the sofa all that time watching a movie? An attached heart rate monitor perhaps?
  3. A little more distressing news on how COVID-19 virus affects athletes, and these are young, otherwise fit people: Full article is in this link: https://www.abc17news.com/news/health-news/2020/09/03/doctor-says-one-third-of-big-ten-athletes-who-contracted-covid-19-show-signs-of-heart-inflammation/
  4. It’s only been 8 months. That is a considerable length of time (to us) of course,, but relatively speaking, its “just the blink of an eye”, a small footnote in your lifetime- notice how those 8 months flew by so fast and its now September? Organizers have (for the meantime) shifted to virtual races, but this pandemic will eventually come to an end. It may not end as soon as we want it to, but I’m very certain it will (even if it takes until 2021 or even 2022…) and we will be going back to the usual events, albeit with probably more hygienic measures in place.
  5. Its the stress from this pandemic, and it can be felt everywhere. Nobody, not even the experts know how this is going to turn out, or how long it will go on. We just have to persevere. If I'm not mistaken, so far it's day number 245 since this virus was discovered, and we all still seem to be alright (for now). Thank goodness! From the movie "Last Samurai": Katsumoto: "Do you think a man can change his destiny?" Algren: "I think a man does what he can, until his destiny is revealed to him!"
  6. There are certain limitations when you are restricted to a few sentences and paragraphs here and there when writing in an online forum. However, the message would get too muddled (and long) if it one would have to put too many clarifications out of fear of being misunderstood. I’m afraid my statement: may have been taken a bit too literally though. (Note: No offense is taken, nor was any meant either) To be honest, I was actually just saying it in a tone of resigned, hands up exasperation- meaning, if we have to refrain from participating in organized races and reduce our running because of the danger, and some organizers fold up because of that, well, some things have to give way for the greater good. By analogy, it would be like a situation where you witness your apartment burning down, but by some miracle, you manage to get out with your family safe and you tell them: “Never mind, we’re all alive and alright, we’ll get another place to live when this is over!” Saying “never mind” didn’t mean you were being indifferent, it was just a dejected (and sad) way of saying “it can’t be helped!” The same goes for my earlier post. In fact, all I’m saying is, I think the most important thing now is to do whatever we can to try to stay healthy, rather than set new PR’s and compete. A strong, intact working population will place less strain on government resources, and facilitate more rapid economic recovery once this crisis passes. I think this applies to any country, anywhere in the world. This virus is really terrible, but we’ll just have to pick up the pieces somehow afterwards.
  7. That being said, I don't care if all the running organizers close shop and go bankrupt. New ones can reincorporate later,.but the athletes (even the non-pros like us) have to survive this pandemic first...and not just survive, but survive intact (i.e. still able to run!) BTW, the article I quoted above advises folks to be exceptionally vigilant, even if you have no symtoms. Its actually more dangerous without any symptoms because: That's what makes this virus so dangerous. You may not know you have it (no symptoms yet) and you might actually be making yourself sicker (and a greater danger to others) with every step! Stay safe everyone!!!
  8. I strongly agree on that. Now is just not the time to be pushing yourself to train hard, and that refers to both intensity, and distance (even if run at an easy pace). I’ve actually stopped all my LSDs - there will be time for that again later! Perhaps the threat of COVID-19 may only be a problem concerning foreign worker’s dormitories now there in Singapore (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not a local) but if by some misfortune you happen to catch it, it could mean quitting running for good. I urge every runner here to take the time to read this Runner's World article carefully: https://www.runnersworld.com/health-injuries/a33822804/exercise-myocarditis-and-covid-19/ You'll be able to run even without legs (look at Oscar Pistorious!) but if your heart & lungs suffer permanent damage from this virus, well, its all over.
  9. One good thing about this forum is that people are more analytical - they consider all the data first, instead of immediately rushing to conclusions based on a single article. Additional comments on the matter (to see both sides of the coin): https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coronavirus-covid19-neck-gaiters-masks-droplets-study Take note, I'm not a buff/gaiter advocate. I only use them for running, keeping away from other people as much as possible. I've also used them in an emergency (when my mask strap broke) since I always have one in my bag, but at all other times, I use a regular (washable) mask.
  10. The bus is an indoor (closed), environment. Air just recirculates inside the cabin, so there is a greater danger to everyone on board. This is the same reason why a lot of airlines now ban masks with exhaust ports, even if they are N95 types because the old design masks let unfiltered air out into the environment. Note: Some of the more modern mask designs with valves now also have an inner layer for the protection of others as well. Again, for an indoor setting, I agree that buffs/scarves and neck gaiters are not recommended. Under the circumstances, I’d say the driver’s actions were correct. I don’t know what the law is there in Singapore, but in some countries/jurisdictions, the bus driver of a public utility/common carrier, has the same duties as that of a captain of a ship or plane. They are allowed to make some decisions in order to protect the safety of and well being of the passengers/cargo that they are responsible for. Further complicating things is that the passenger was also rude and abrasive. He had thick skin to claim discrimination from the driver, when his own video clearly shows he was the one uttering racist remarks. He even arrogantly boasted he was broadcasting the video live-- well, it backfired on him and became proof of his churlish behavior. I do hope they file charges against him! They managed to preserve a copy of the video here: https://mothership.sg/2020/08/bus-driver-racism-mask-neck-gaiter/ Judge for yourselves after watching the footage... Anyway, back on topic... as to running outdoors in an open environment, IMHO, a buff/gaiter is still OK. It's better than going completely maskless (even if its allowed for exercise), or on the other hand, suffering a collapsed lung/injury from the breathing restrictions. For example, If I happened to suddenly sneeze while running (which happened yesterday), it would be better if I had a gaiter on than none. In any case however, you aren’t supposed to be getting too close to other people (and vice versa) at all times nowadays when exercising. Social distancing is still "king" in these times. I put on a washable 3 ply cotton mask when I finish my run. Even though there doesn't seem to be a shortage on surgical grade masks anymore, I avoid using them if it can be helped, because they generate a lot of non-biodegrable waste.
  11. I think the shirt is nice The only thing is that's its a little uhm... well, I'm not too comfortable with the trend of some virtual races nowadays where you get a finisher shirt, for a race distance that you actually did in "installments". To be fair, it does read: "100 Miles Challenge Finisher" rather than "100 Miles Ultramarathon Finisher" A non-runner would probably be clueless on the difference, but as runners, I guess we can all share a wink on that. -Just my opinion.
  12. Yes. There the article raises a good point, but remember I did say in an earlier post: We must also remember that this is an outdoor setting, in the open air where the risk is greatly minimized, provided you maintain a proper distance from other people. Particles also dissipate rapidly in the open air with breezes and of course, sunlight (UV rays) which destroys a lot of germs. I would not recommend using a buff/bandana/gaiter in an indoor setting though, unless you have an additional layer of protection (for others) on top of that, such as a face shield. IMHO, I still say the best thing to do is to keep a "healthy" distance from others (not just for your sake but others too). I often run at odd ours too nowadays (if I run outside). I look forward to the day when we can take off these accursed things and run/breathe in the free air once more... but till that day, we'll just have to bear with it for little while longer. Stay safe everyone!
  13. Something like a virtual amazing race Singapore, or that Pokemon app game I guess. Interesting!
  14. Oh, I don't want to be misinterpreted here. My main point is not about a runner's ability. We're all fighting our own personal battles on the course, so fast or slow its ok... We're all runners. It was just the callous indifference to others that just struck me wrong with the blog I mentioned. Anyways, I've come across worse over here. Some not only rudely block the route taking group selfies in the middle of the course, (at times) they'd even think you're the one bothering them if you try to go around them LOL
  15. I checked the finish time from the bib number posted. It was over 6++ hrs I'm not putting down the blogger for their time, but placing yourself as an obstruction like that in wave B (despite being fully aware of what you're only capable of), was a pretty nasty thing to do. It wasn't some new runner either, so even if someone else registered for them, they ought to have known better and joined the later waves at the back. But you're right though, verifying information would entail additional administrative work & costs. The problem though is that aside from Wave A, it would make the whole wave start thing pointless for the rest of the waves if people would keep mis-declaring themselves. Just my 2 cents.
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