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  1. Just an update folks. It's been three weeks since I sent them my request for refund, but so far , nothing. I made the reqeust long before their deadline to do so (March 30), and they said the process may take up to 3 weeks, but there's no reversal on my bank statement. I've already sent them a follow up message. I wonder if they'd even reply? I'm not being KPKB about it, but they made an offer to refund so I accepted. It doesn't seem logical to make such an offer if they have no intention on honor that commitment right?
  2. Its surreal. Countries have shut borders and businesses are closing. Its just what like our elderly neighbor said... She experienced something like this only one other time in her long life, and that was during the Second World War. The whole world is in a war, but in this one, the enemy cannot be seen. It's making them sick, killing people or driving them bankrupt. Worrying and frightening times, but its always darkest before the dawn. We have to keep a postive attitude and carry on as best we can.
  3. Oops! I guess I wasn't able to backread or proabably missed it, I don't have my glasses!!! LOL
  4. Yes, priority should be directed to reviving tthe economy and getting our lives back on track. Running is cheap and free though. Major organized races might have to take a backseat, but we can still run, and having simple, no frills events isn't out of the question---> let me illustrare by sharing past experiences: In the old days, there were times when groups of my fellow runners would organize a simple, local run. Someone would measure a course with either their car odometer or bike, then 10 to 30 of us would gather and run/race with each other. Everybody timed themselves with their own digital watch. There were no aid stations either- you brought your own or stopped at a convenience store along the way if you wanted, it was up to you. If it was a long race (over 21k) sometimes some of the group would volunteer not to run and bring a pickup truck/van with a 5 gallon container of water midway and that was it. The guy with the fastest time, or who obviously finished ahead was the winner. The prize was simple - either a technical shirt or something useful to a runner, or was treated from the group's contributions to a free breakfast or lunch (since we all ate together afterwards). We all waited for the last runner, and everything was on an honesty system. It won't satisfy any athletic standards/records of course, but we had fun just the same, all for the love of running, and it cost almost nothing! We'd join organized (commercial) races at the time only for the purpose of getting an "official time" for our own personal record/best (PR or PB) Hopefully, but it doesn't look like it will. I like what Prince Charles said after his recovery from COVID-19 though: "None of us can say when this will end, but end it will. Until it does, let us try and live with hope, and with faith in ourselves and each other, look forward to better times to come" And that's straight from the mouth of an elderly coronavirus survivor!
  5. Ei guys, and I think kohpapa will be particularly interested in this: The Boston Marathon is offering a refund option for the first time in its history: https://www.baa.org/information-registered-participants-boston-marathon-and-baa-5k
  6. From a runner in a city under lockdown... I'd suggest you get a treadmill. Before this pandemic, I've always been toying with the idea of getting one (for typhoon season up here where I am), but since my philospphy is that "running is cheap and free" I figured the hefty price tag (SG $1000-3000) for a treadmill would be a waste of money. But who would've known a pandemic like this would happen right? Good thing I have some free weights (dumbells) and a spin bike for cross training, and I'm still running loops insde the house! I'm still thinking about one or two events for the next half of this year, but I really doubt this will be over even by then. The more reaslistic scenario is that countries may be facing a possible 2nd or even 3rd wave of infections... so perhaps I might just consider the whole of 2020 as a write off
  7. @kohpapa LOL! Bathtub??? You could probably do ONE stroke of the dog paddle there, and I don't have a bathtub, so its going to be just a duathlon for me if I join you guys Hmmm... wait a minute, I think we still have the inflatable kiddie wading pool in storage somewhere. By the way, I did another hour on my 12 meter indoor course today- I'm just thankful It's not as cramped as the video on the 66 year old guy. It seems like an apartment in Hong Kong? That Changi Beach Park seems really nice! It's so far off in the East for the usual non-local to go to though, so I might have to research it up a bit. (The only place I've been to in Changi is the airport of course) Is there a place nearby where you can rent a locker to keep your clothes, or shower after your run? I don't think folks would appreciate it if I get into the MRT all sweaty. @Lady Ice I'm so envious you guys still have nice places to run! When I went to London I did manage to do a few runs in Hyde Park, but there was this nice place near the Royal Observatory in Greenwich that seemed lovely too. Well, that's it. I'm still waiting for my SDM refund (not a word from them since my last update), and I don't think I'll be joining any races until at least Sept this year, depending how this plague works out. My heart goes out to those guys in Italy & Spain, unfortunately, we we might be treading down the same path here. Yes, Kohpapa and Singaporeans are very fortunate. You've got good leadership and citizens that are willing to work hand in hand with their government. This is how a leader should act in a crisis- PM Lee has my respect & admiration: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-full-text-of-speech-by-pm-lee-hsien-loong-on-the-covid-19-outbreak
  8. Hey guys (and the lucky folks who can still run outdoors) I just did 1 hour jogging back & forth on the 12 meter "course" I came up with in my house. It wasn't so bad actually!!! The time just flew. I didn't realize it was an hour already until the alarm on my watch beeped. They guy who ran a marathon on his balcony only had 7 meters, so I guess I'm luckier. LOL The whole family's laughing, and to think that's after telling the kids so many times not to run around in the house! I'll hit my spin bike for half an hour later, then work on my core & use the dumbells for the neglected parts not touched by running. I may not be doing my usual route, but I'm determined to come out of this community quarantine a much better runner than ever. When there's a will, there's a way! Ah, don't mind me, I'm just a crazy runner cooped up in the house hahaha... just sharing!
  9. We're going into enhanced lockdown mode here, so no more long runs for me for the time being. One member of each household is allowed to go out to make supply runs (supermarket and pharmacy) at designated hours, but they're discouraging people from going out for any other reason (allegedly even for solo runs) so I'm going to do my part so we can win this struggle. I'll be now doing loops back and forth my in living room for 30-40min every other day, but anything longer than that would be insane (like the guy who ran a marathon).I've also got some free weights and a spin bike too. It sucks, but for those runners under "house arrest" its not the end of the road! I hope this'll inspire others not to turn into couch potatoes too. There's no shame in that. I'll do what I please in my house right? It'lll help keep you "sane" also LOL! I now regret NOT buying that treadmill
  10. Just sharing this article: https://chroniclet.com/news/207203/local-runners-feel-the-burn-of-boston-marathon-postponement/ This sums it up nicely though: And for the non-runners lurking/reading our posts here, yes, there are other things we do aside from running, we've got jobs, careers and family, but when we come together on this forum, we talk about our running. Don't "knock it" because who knows, you might like it And even if you don't... well, at least we do, so leave us be! I guess it's what John Bingham once wrote about when something derails your running plans (injuries, work, other responsibilities)... sometimes "life just gets in the way". And in thie case of this pandemic, life (yours and other's) must take priority.
  11. Yep, my whole city is under lockdown right now. The oldest person in our neighborhood said she hasn't seen anything happen like this since the Second World War... and she was only 8 years old in 1941 (bless her!) She said she's ready to go if the bug gets her, but all the neighbors and her family hope not! It's too bad I can't come over for a while, but we all have a part to play in stopping this germ! They ought to postpone the Olympics till next year too... probably unthinkable, but in my opinion, they'd be crazy not to. The Olympics is meant FOR humanity right? Then it can wait, because we've got a bigger problem on our hands right now.
  12. Race cancelled? Look at this guy... https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/fitness/this-quarantined-man-ran-an-entire-marathon-%e2%80%93-on-his-balcony/ar-BB11sq8U As much as I love to run long distances... I would NEVER do that!!!
  13. Same here. When we can come over, I'll tag along, if it's alright with you guys!!! I'm not much of a trail runner though, asphalt & concrete are my habitat... but that's because I'm scared of getting lost Better keep me in the middle behind Icelady and in front of kohpapa so you guys can keep an eye out for me. Otherwise, I might end up like in Forest Gump... and find myself in Malaysia?!?!?!
  14. I checked my receipt and yes, the admin fee was SGD 2.98. If I remember correctly, even SCSM charges me admin fees whenever I sign up... but SCSM is an IAAF GOLD rated event though, not an unacredited race like SDM, so I see you & kohpapa's point. Well, my folks always told us not to be wasteful with money , but as for the $2.98... never mind! That's just the price of a simple lunch, or maybe 2 MRT rides right? Those were their terms... so I can't do anything about that. I'm simply hoping to get my $85 registration fee back, and I'd be pleased if I do. (And at this point, that's still a big IF) Will keep everyone posted on any developments.
  15. Same story here. The date of SDM seems to change almost every year, so I opted for a refund first (if they give it), then will definitely sign up next year if my schedule permits.
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