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  1. 哇 Wah! So expensive!!! You can buy a new GPS watch already with those prices! Over here, I usually buy running shoes when they're on sale already... (I'm also a cheapskate uncle )
  2. Happy for you guys! Somehow, I'm imagining Team sgRunnersUnited as this: From left to right: @AutumnRunner @beast @kohpapa (Team Captain) @starfinder and @Lady Ice Ah, this is just in a spirit of fun, don't take it seriously! Actually, I think my choice of sentai team (5 ranger) is showing my age hahaha...
  3. But... but... but... what about those shoes that you can't just let go of? I've got a pair or two I no longer rotate with the other shoes in my "stable", and they each have over 600 miles (960+ km) on them already, but give them up for recycling? Nnnoooooooooooooooooooo...
  4. Ok. I did a slow 5k yesterday (00:36:04) but just used an ordinary digital watch, so without a recording, I guess that doesn't count! Then I followed it up with a 21km jog today, also at a gentle pace: The Soleus Turbo's display was set on chrono, km distance and split (i.e. "Lap 01"). I'd like to enourage everyone here in SG runners to join in also. Don't worry iabout being fast or slow, or whether you run a mile, a marathon or an ultra. As far as I'm concerned, we're ALL runners. There are no races for the time being anyway, so simply enjoy the journey, and share your
  5. Nope, we're the same Simon! It's not that we're lazy to walk... we just want to rest the legs for the time we spend running!
  6. Hey, what distance are you guys doing this weekend? I presume its a 21km LSD?
  7. Well, this VR thing is an interesting twist... wasn't there an exhibit booth like this at one SCSM expo some time back? Frankly however, I shun all the apps, etc. I stick to the basics (running shoes+ shorts+ technical fabric top + put one foot in front of the other & repeat) and that's all I need! Oh, alright, I'll concede one technological compromise though, and that's a GPS watch that can last at least 12 hrs in run mode. No MP3 players, bluetooth, or touchscreen features either, just time + distance reading's fine.
  8. Hahaha! It’s just that I remembered many years ago, my friends and I were arguing whose turn it was to go to the nearby convenience store to buy drinks & snacks for everybody. The conversation went something like this: Runner 1: “You guys do it.” Runner 2: “I’m tired...” Me: “The sun is up. It’s so hot already! I don’t want to move anymore... ” Runner 4: *Wearily stares into the distance with a blank look* Runner1: “What’s with you guys? We all just ran 25kms without a single complaint. Why are you all so lazy now to just walk a few more blocks to the 7-11?!?!
  9. Like I said before, it's funny we don't seem to notice the distances sometimes while running... but try walking even just 5k... and you'll find out how far it is!
  10. I looked over SCSM's website. I think the final run is a half marathon? 1. Maybe. 2. No. I'm also a cheapskate - I've never bought anything at previous SCSM expos either! (Come to think of it my entry fees are usually much higher too, so the organizers shouldn't complain ) 3. Entry borders are closed! 4. Hopefully we'll be back to doing real races next year!
  11. I'd run any distance you guys need for the team, if it weren't for this pesky virus! Another thing is they keep pushing us to use their app, which doesn't work with my watches, so I'll just wave the glow sticks and pom poms to cheer you guys on
  12. Oh, I was just reacting to the honors rankings in the poster. 200km in 1 go 36 to < 45 hrs : Ultra Specialist 30hr to < 36hr : Ultra Master 24hr to < 30hr : Ultraordinaire < 24 hr : Ultra Invincible -------> WOW!!! …and was wondering if anyone could ever possibly achieve the “Ultra Invincible” honor. I looked it up though, and someone did! In 2004, Dean Karnazes and some guy named Christopher Bergland completed 238km in 24 hours on treadmills. Ultra Invincible? Those guys might actually be terminators sent by Skynet for all we know!
  13. 200km in 24 hours or less... OMG, is that even possible? I wonder what kind of demi-god can do that? Dean Karnazes? Over here, one of the best runners I know needed almost 33 hours to finish 200k and that time was already good enough to put him in 3rd place (the winner finished just a little over 31 hours). Almost the same here (102kms) As much as I enjoy running (or run + walk for ultra), These really long distances aren't my thing either, but that's just me. They take too much out of you, not just in terms of training, but also recovery time, and they make you uber
  14. Like a good soldier: I set the display at distance + lap time and took it easy, not minding my pace. I may not be registered with SCSM Virtual Run Club, but I'm one with you guys in spirit. Here's a tip of the hat to you guys here in SG Runners.
  15. Ah, yes, I did mention the difference between what you refer to as "Qualifying vs Challenges" in another thread: Oh, but its going to require a sign up and use of another app to join the SCSM virtual running club. The only site my Soleus GPS watches can upload data to is Strava, and as for my Asics GPS watches... they're not supported by Asics anymore so they don't work in Runkeeper. (Note: Runkeeper was bought by Asics right?) LIke I said, they're "dinosaurs" already, but they all still work, so I'll still keep using them until they break. What I had in mind was
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