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  1. Ai yah! Don't take it personally (regardless of whether an explanation is needed or not - otherwise, why even bother to mention it right?) People come and post on this forum in their spare time. They may not be able to immediately reply or be able to go over everything because they have work, or businesses to run and manage. If they were lazy good for nothings who just exercise and exercise, or hang around on the internet all day, it would be a different matter, but the overwhelming majority of people have more pressing responsibilties to attend to!
  2. The ratio of the population that needs to be vaccinated to induce herd immunity, actually depends on how contagious the pathogen is (it varies depending on the disease) Therefore you wouldn't need to have a higher vaccination rate in a developing country than in a developed country. You just have to induce immunity in the right number of people in a given commuity to halt transmission. At present though, nobody knows yet what percentage this would be for COVID-19, compared to other better known diseases. I know folks here may be just being politically correct, but allow me to say here wha
  3. I don't know. Perhaps living in the "poorer" regions of the world makes people tougher because we're inured to hardship! LOL Now don't take that statement too seriously folks, its just dark humor.
  4. Yes. Some experts say that their best bet with these first generation vaccines is that while they may not stop you from getting sick, or infecting others, it will at least reduce its lethality, and possibly help you avoid the long term effects of getting an infection (myocarditis, etc.). If getting vaccinated means turning a (potentially) lethal "viral pneumonia" into something like just a bad cold, then I'd say its worth a shot (no pun intended). And since you may still be infectious, and can cause the death of someone (elderly, with health problems, etc.) who isn't vaccinated,
  5. The world is practically... at war. I know that may sound a bit "over the top" for you guys there in SG, but even with just 257+ active cases, a strong government (relatively) free of corruption, and the financial capability to vaccinate the entire 5.5M+ population, the economic impact of this pandemic is devastating (just like during the great world wars). I'm pretty sure you guys feel the pinch there too. It may not be as bad even over here (our active caseload is actually lower than that of Malaysia) and certainly much less than in Europe and the Americas (North and South) but my
  6. Yes, the world has changed. Not permanently of course, as this is actually nothing new. Throughout history, man has had to cope with some form of pestilence (from leprosy, the black plague, smallpox, tuberculosis, influenza... ) but our ancestors have survived. Their descendants (that's us) now number almost 8 billion on this planet. It's just our generation's turn now to step up to the plate and rise to the challenges of this day and age. The way things are going though, it appears we're going to have prepare ourselves to fight this long haul. Oh boy... what we wished would be a sp
  7. In any case, at least Singapore is procuring vaccines from countries who are transparent with their data. While I agree there's some risk (as with all vaccines), at least you and your doctor can make an informed decision for yourselves based on the best knowledge that the doctors. scientists and researchers of these manufacturers are aware of. As for us over here, if we (ever) do get a vaccine, it seems we'll be forced* to accept one from shady manufacturers that have repeatedly withheld, or distorted their third stage clinical trial data. I know COVID's (practically) non existent th
  8. What's up everyone? I'll be doing a few virtual races myself (only the free ones) for this year, just for the heck of it, although I presume it would be safe to consider a real race somewhere near the end of 2022? (SCSM2022?) That will mean my theoretical maximum heart rate will be slower by 2 then (minus 2 years) but that's life LOL. I've been reading up on news in Japan, and the way things are over there, I think the (already postponed) 2020 Olympics are really doomed. They'd be crazy to push through with it. I should've gotten one of those Tokyo 2020 Olympics promotional shi
  9. So far, this is the only one I seem to be interested in: As my Soleus watches sync with my Strava account (I keep the Garmin's records private on G. Connect). Since I don't believe in paying for a virtual race, there's a 99.9% chance I'll be in the free category "For the Love of Running" We'll see when they release the full mechanics on Jan7 (err, Jan 8 in our part of the world)...
  10. A gym? Uhm. maybe not in a time like this Perhaps when the world is finally rid of Covid-19! I made do running a 12 meter indoor loop inside the house when my whole city was under lockdown remember? And I did that for almost 2 months! A treadmill would have helped a lot at that time though...
  11. I don't know about the sellers/retailers there in Singapore, so I can't give advice on who accepts trade ins or what brands are available on the market over there. But if you're thinking of buying a treadmill this is what I have to say: 1. Buy the one with the most powerful horesepower within your budget, preferably at 3 to 3.5 continuous duty horsepower. (CHP) Note: this is very important! If the manufacturer doesn't specify it to be continuous duty horsepower, don't even consider it! If you can't find one that's at least 3 continuous duty horsepower, don't go any lower than 2.5 CHP. In
  12. Well, you guys are lucky. It looks like your vaccines are arriving! https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/first-shipment-covid-19-vaccine-arrives-singapore-belgium And the ones the SG government are procuring are reutable brands too - the ones made by Phizer and Moderna.* As for us here, we'll just have to survive and play "dodge the virus" for another year or two...
  13. Any takers? I know it's our own responsibility to read all the terms and conditions of anything we sign up for online, but for this one, I can't seem to find if you'll need to download an app to your mobile phone or create an account somewhere, because if that's the case, I'll have to pass and just "tag along" again
  14. Well, there are promising vaccines being rolled out already, but I really don't think we'll be back to normal in 2021 yet. There'll still be virtual races for the time being... Someone once said that virtual races are also "real races". If you ask me though, while the actual running you're doing is of course, undeniably real, the so called organizers of these "races" are really just merchants selling all sorts of trinkets & medals to runners
  15. I checked it out. I think in "method 3" they'll accept a screenshot of your GPS, if you guys are inclined to join...
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