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  1. SDM 2019 also got rain. Around 5am, right after the UCL final. So those late FM finishers were hit. I only ran the HM and was caught in the rain after watching the game. But don't think I will be joining the 2020 edition.
  2. No clash of dates between Sundown and Champions League final next year. UCL final will be on the 31 May
  3. Most likely yes. Anyway, I have already registered for the Marina Run HM and will most likely register for the 2XU and Income HM too. May also want to try an overseas marathon.
  4. I think my wife story is more inspiring. I manage to psycho her on my crazy idea and rope her in to run the FM, which is also her first. Two weeks before the race, she felt intense pain in her knee which carried over into the race. But somehow she still manage to complete the FM by just staying ahead of the sweeper squad. Must really salute her.
  5. My maiden post after completing my maiden FM last Saturday. The main difference between cities like Tokyo, NYC, London etc is in the mentality of the non-running community. To them, their own city marathon is a big thing. Most if not all will support the event and will go line the streets to support and cheer the runners even if none of their close friends and family are running. They really respect the marathon runners and holds them in high regards. Here in Singapore, when I told them I will be running my first marathon at almost 51 years of age, the majority of the responses I got
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