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  1. I didn't request for a refund so I don't think they did a refund. Anyway I didn't check. My entitlements arrived. I'm running for Team Canola - Run For Clean Water and they gave me the manatee plushie. Just what I wanted.
  2. After all the considerations, I've decided to do 1 lap of brisk walk with a mask on. There are some blindspots at intersections while I was simulating the run on Google maps. Safety first.
  3. I actually still intend to run inside the Zoo and Bird Park after I get my bib to redeem the complimentary tickets. Just byob style. But one loop probably will be only around 2 to 2.5km.
  4. Website to log results is up though I haven't receive my bib yet. https://virtualruns.pinkapple.com.sg/safari-zoo-run/ Can submit 5 submissions. Either using Strava app or screenshot upload.
  5. From their FB All registered participants will receive your race entitlements from 26 September 2020 to 11 October 2020! Your entitlements will be mailed to your doorstep. Please email info@safarizoo.run if there are any changes to your mailing address. For more details, check out www.safarizoo.run
  6. For chest strap, I used Polar H10 since about 1 year ago. So far no abrasion. In the beginning might feel a bit uncomfortable, but now ok already. I don't have a running watch so I just hold my phone while I run. The new Coros Pace 2 looks interesting though. I might buy that when it is in stock in Singapore.
  7. Hmm need to use specific app to track the run (MOVE by LIV3LY). Having second thoughts now. And the reviews all seem very bad based on previous collab with the Star Wars Virtual Run https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sg.pangu.run&hl=en_SG https://apps.apple.com/us/app/move-by-liv3ly/id1442767850
  8. Actually all along it was supposed to give out the 2nd and 3rd medal this year based on last year's article - 1 virtual race between Feb and July, 1 actual race. https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/st-run-finishers-can-collect-trilogy-of-medals-that-portray-cityscape I will definitely join even though I missed last year's race
  9. Yes it's good to check with a doctor. Another urine-related case is Rhabdomyolysis - breakdown of skeletal muscle into myoglobin due to overexertion which gets excreted through urine (cola-colored). This may result in kidney damage and irregular heartbeat. https://www.irunfar.com/2018/02/break-it-down-exertional-rhabdomyolysis-in-ultramarathons.html
  10. I still saw one organized activity even though they were trying to be 1m apart. It's kinda inevitable to be within 1m range of other runners when you need to overtake and the path is not wide enough. Maybe I'll try running in the SDM hours - Sleep can wait, lol. Or try more ulu routes
  11. Did my routine 530am jog today as usual and noticed a significant increase in the number of people in the park today as compared to pre-circuit breaker Not sure if it is a good thing or not.
  12. http://safarizoo.run/ Postpone to 2nd half of the year. REPC also postponed. Next update in June Hope my races don't clash
  13. Somehow they think it's better to position/market the run to international runners as a Summer event rather than an Escape-the-winter event Change to June though will at least avoid festive season. Interestingly, Stanchart KL is one step ahead and has already moved from Sept 2019 to June 2020.
  14. Mystery solved lo.. copy paste this year's June 1st/2nd date to next year's race but forgot to change June 2nd to May 24th
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