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  1. Halo Gurus, Thank you for the help, manage to finish my 1st ever marathon after both quads and right calves cramps after 20km I almost DNF but my will to finish is stronger than my thoughts. For me it's a failure, I learned from this failure and I will counter this failure. I will be back stronger and faster. Thank you once again for the advices. I really appreciate it. I definetly ask you again gurus. ❤ #KeepLiving #KeepLivingStrong #LiveFit2019
  2. By the way, one more thing I need to ask. I'm always thinking what should I do 6 Hours before the gun time. Is it best to eat 4hrs before or 6 hrs before? Because I tried last 2 weeks when I eat my meal 3 hrs before running it really hurts my stomoch after 2.5km run. Also, someone advice me to take 500ml of isotonic drink 1hr before for marathon. Looking for your reply about fuel experience. Thanks..
  3. @kohpapa Yes! 101% cleared my mind to go for it! Since from the start I have this mentality to never back down and never give up on dreams no matter what! and whatever it takes. Sure, will do! just simply walk if the pain is unbearable. Thank you so much for that . By the way I didnt know what is EE size .. hehe care to share. Honestly, I'm a table tennis player, and shift to running ( I started running last year Nov2018 ). my dream is to be an average marathoner one day. So that's why I can't miss this event to debut. Hehe
  4. @AutumnRunner thank you and yes you are right need to rest more. Still have 3 days more to rest and good to go..
  5. Thank you for the excellent advice gurus. Yasss !!! just bought pair of compression and just tried last night it feels better..
  6. @Lady Ice and @kohpapa Thank you for your warm advices and concern. I really appreciate it. Honestly, as of now from 1-10 the pain is 7. Yes, i will stop running and do walking instead. I still have 7 days to rest and recover. And hoping on the race day will be gone, If not I will take your advice to withdraw and wait for another time. The thing is that a bit disappointing to train for almost 1.5months then suddenly injured. . If ever I can make it on the race day hopefully I can get my target 4.50hrs under.. Once again thank you so so much gurus. Keep you posted. G
  7. Wow! Thank you so much i will try it.
  8. Hello Expert runners, Can any one help me out how to taper in 10days ( for my 1st Marathon ) with my right calves cramp yesterday during my long run.. now I can feel the pain. What best training should I do and don'ts. Thank you in advance
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