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  1. The one other that I know is this Danish lady Annette Fredskov, then 41 yo. She ran 1 marathon a day for 365 days straight . To top it of, she did a double on her last day 14th July 2013, making it 366 M in 365 days. And it's Danmark, ie she ran through all four seasons and Denmark's winter could be severe. There were days of -18 deg C when I was living in around the same area. Hats off to her. Annette Fredskov was diagnosed with the condition in 2010 The mother-of-two's act of defiance to MS was to begin running She has now completed a marathon a day - plus one more - for
  2. Uncle @kohpapa: some photos for Eco Run 2020 Felt good that both of us did the Eco Run together but apart. So happens that we both use Nike Run Club app. We ran the same route from different start point and at different time. Route include the loop of Farrer Road, Holland Road, Evans Road, and up and down Dunearn Road. Did 10.26km in support of London Marathon's #twopointsixchallenge and also made a donation to Straits Time Pocket Money Fund.
  3. And I will be wearing last year Eco Run race tee too. Just to pretend that it's still on and also in the spirit of Eco Run. uncle @kohpapa any ideas or news about Standchart 2020? (too lazy to read other threads if this has been discussed).
  4. Thanks for the advice and heads up on (in white cars). Yes we have social responsibility in mind and we are running (individually - stress) in our neighbourhood/heartland without travelling. But we made it a point to include the two points near each other's house so that it is convenient for both of us to make a loop of 10km each.
  5. My friend and I are planning to do our own (individually and separately) 10km coming Sunday on the original race day of this cancelled race with a commo route as we live near each other. We have mapped out our 10km but doing it at our own time i.e not meeting up. Anyone else going to do the same ?
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