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  1. If the Google keyword planner does not work for you. I recommend you to check out Ahrefs. This keyword tool is reliable and easy to use. I have found a really valuable keyword with it.
  2. Hello All, I am new to blogging. What are the best ways to gain exposure to a new blog? Can anyone tell me the simple strategies that I could follow to promote my blog? Also, if you want tips on writing attention-grabbing articles. You can read this detailed article:- https://bit.ly/2xx1knV Thank you
  3. Hi All, There are many free keywords checker tools but all are not correct because most of the times they show wrong results. I would suggest you try MOZ. Moz is one of the best tools for keywords check and gave perfect results. Also, you can check the detailed article on Moz that I have written recently. Read on to know more:- https://bit.ly/2YZFlzb
  4. Here is the list of tools which required to begin your wonderful and interesting journey into SEO. 1. Google analytics 2. Semrush 3. Ahrefs 4. Yoast Seo 5. Google Webmaster
  5. Hi Everyone, I am planning to start affiliate marketing, and I would like to ask 2 main things:- 1. Which platform should I choose for the same? 2. What kind of product? Thankyou