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    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    😁 where did my insider word came from...
  2. Bluesky3000

    400m or Long distance to train stamina

    I heard running for 400s trains better than running long D for endurance. Is this real?
  3. Bluesky3000

    Arch of my heel hurts

    Anyone has this pain at the arc of their heel/ankle? Inner solo of the foot. Did not have any injuries prior to this and it started to hurt recently..
  4. Bluesky3000

    Apple waist utility belt

    has anyone tried this belt ? just want to know if the material will wear out and is it slippery
  5. If anyone has new pairs of running shoes and not using them, would definitely look to buy!
  6. yeah 60 k... crazy man. This is really testing your limits these races
  7. Yes need to leave the 6 majors first
  8. Bluesky3000

    SEO Training Course

    Thanks for the share
  9. Bluesky3000

    New here!

    Hi all, new here, forum looks very friendly! Thanks for having me
  10. Bluesky3000

    Best Food Caterer in Singapore

    thanks for sharing, will look into this
  11. Hi is this available for self collect
  12. Free delivery or must collect? Ship from overseas?
  13. Ah i see, no wonder, thanks for clarification
  14. Bluesky3000

    The Straits Times Run 2019 - 29 Sep (Sun)

    Thanks for the info! Wonder how you always get this insider info!
  15. Bluesky3000

    Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 - 15 Sep (Sun)

    Thanks for sharing! great info