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  1. Take it also as a replacement for the Newton Run..
  2. LOL...think Orchard is under Tanjong Pagar GRC. So who is most appropriate amongst the MP/minister to dress as count?
  3. A morning run at Orchard on 17 Nov. The venue that first came to my mind was actually universal studios...Lol
  4. Thanks Bro. It is strange Sundown did not provide sufficient photographs for the race despite the expensive fees. Surely they couldn't take more than a month to publish all photos if there are? 2xu was better in this aspect.
  5. Do you all notice there are so few race photos posted in their FB. Is there anywhere else they may have posted the photos?
  6. I think the organizers want to max out their profits which is why I think the quality will always not be comparable with what they sell at the retail level, regardless of which brand we are looking at.
  7. RAC is one of the few races with a team of really well-known runners, such as Jasmine, Rachel, Jenny Huang and Pris. Kudos to you for being able to run at their kind of speed. As for medal design, think this year looks better than last year's.
  8. The only local race I am willing to pay such high fees is the Spartan Race. Even then, it depends on the location and terrain which determines how tough (or fun) it can get.
  9. Just saw the pricing for next year. Yes, me too think $100 for running 42 km at Coney island is quite pricey. Somehow I am always using SCSM price as a guide to other races. Unless you are also going for their free race in HK, which is entitled when you sign up for 2020.
  10. I ran the HM in 2017. I felt the race was quite good. Didn't know before that were not so good.
  11. Yesterday I was just wearing last year's 2xu finisher shirt. Got quite positive comments from other people that the design looks cool. This year's design looks a bit 'loud'. I just don't like having words displayed right at the centre on the front look. Just like The Straits Times Run.
  12. Perhaps they should have planned the run at the usual dairy farm or even ubin. Punggol waterway is strictly road run and running on pebbles in Coney island doesn't qualify it as a trail run either. Else TPS Part 1 would have been considered a trail run.
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