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  1. Actually those of us who had taken part before will know the traffic leading up will be jam. If you want to be on time for the 10 km flag off, you probably got to take the 1st shuttle bus, in this case at Expo would be 6 am. However I know it is difficult to arrive at this time as public service on sundays usually starts later. This is why I opted to alight at Loyang Temple and ran up. For me, the clocking of time is not really important. Just get to enjoy running most of the routes and get inside Changi Prison Complex is more important.
  2. I knew there would be jam. So I alighted at Loyang Temple and ran up. Just nice join the runners as they turned left from Nidec. This year's exhibition is more spacious and they added QR code at each letter behind the wall. More convenient to scan and reply them.
  3. With the haze reportedly may persist for several weeks, I worry this will affect especially those of us training for the FM.
  4. Agree with you. IMO as long hits unhealthy should preferably stay indoors. But lonewolf is right they follow according to the official guidelines. For me, I will still go if hit more than 100.
  5. Why walk can continue when run is cancel Is it becos running takes in more oxygen? Either one, harm is already done nevertheless.
  6. I definitely can't run 10 km per day, as my interest will wear out fast. Also, I want to rest my legs as I got runner's knee. But fortunately we still have time to condition our bodies for the marathon.
  7. I am running just twice per week. Once weekday and once weekend. I know I am not clocking enough mileage but if I increase the frequency, I will lose the energy and motivation to train. I think this is an individual thing. Just do according to your heart. Enjoy the process. Don’t over stress.
  8. Yes. Even if we DNF, at least we try. If no try, may regret later in life.
  9. Longer distance usually start earlier. Don't know why the 15 K starts later than 10 K. Anyway, just enjoy the run. Good workout. Also be careful when turning corners right after down slopes.
  10. If it is within NUS campus, I believe much of the routes may be similar. But this is a morning run, which may not be that hot compared to Bizad run which was held in late afternoon. NUS run is notorious for its hilly slopes, a good challenge for those of us who are used to flat roads.
  11. You are right. Agree with you on this.
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