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  1. With the crowds at parks and wet markets and not adhering to social distance guidelines, and I must admit not easy too, a matter of time these places are shut down if the infected cases do not decrease.
  2. My running route is along Tampines Ave 10, Tampines Industrial Ave 1 and 2. Some of you may be familiar with this straight road towards IKea and the big open space beside SCDF.
  3. Yes, it is difficult to keep to the 1m rule as long as you run in a park. Even if you run in neighbourhood areas, you will bypass people walking or sitting at the bus stop. Unless you run very early or very late.
  4. I went to bedok reservoir in early evening. Yes, notice there were much more people today (a weekday) compared to pre covid 19 days. Could be because now people shun malls or people have more free time exercise because they work from home.
  5. Yes, do give them some time. The participation for Sundown is usually more than 10K. If majority requests for refund, it will definitely take time.
  6. I have received my refund. $65. I think this was what I paid during sign up for FM at the SCSM Expo. Seemed no deduction for admin or other fees.
  7. I also opted for refund and they had said will refund to me. I can only guess there may be many runners opting for this. We just have to be patient for the transactions to go through bah...
  8. I see Uncle. I will sign up some virtual races to keep running with at least a goal in sight.
  9. Bro beast is right. We can do virtual runs. Many over at spacebib @ https://www.spacebib.com/users/login
  10. Uncle, I have just restarted my swimming regime to try for next year's triathlon, but now got to stop again since swimming pools will be closed from next Tuesday onwards. Wonder during this period will more people continue their swim streak in the sea?
  11. Yes, crisis will always end. A matter of when only.
  12. I still have 2 races which have been postpone. Ground Zero Run and Safari Zoo Run. I hope this crisis would have subsided by then, if not got to wait some years for the Safari Run.
  13. Agree. And somemore the race routes are identical. I will probably still sign up when the races are back on, but only selectively.
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