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  1. Uncle not allowed even to share personal opinions on non SA affiliated local races?
  2. @AutumnRunner Well done bro! Best timing of 24:27! The final time for sgrunnersunited is better than sgrunner and sgrunner2020!
  3. So our school PE teachers have to be at least certified Level 1? Great Uncle is working doing what you enjoy.
  4. For all you know, we may all be around the same age. LOL. I am cheapskate also. I don't buy the latest model and usually only during promo. @kohpapa is running almost every day and guess it is worthwhile then to invest in better shoes.
  5. Yes, Uncle, just ran this route. I don't usually archive my runs. Once I screenshot and upload to fulfill my virtual race events, I normally will delete them after some time. To 'declutter' lah. I will just keep those runs which were done in different venues (out of Bedok) to relish the good memories...
  6. Today weather very cooling after rain. Good to run though ground is wet. Bedok reservoir no cats leh. Only humans, dogs and squirrels
  7. Aiyah Uncle, while you were voting I already went out completed my 10 km run my fastest other than the one ran during NS eons ago.
  8. Uncle, it is ok to complete the race as sgrunnersunited, just that I feel we may not be top 100 lah.
  9. Uncle, I think as long as it is the same runners in the team, the completion time will be more or less the same. Example for myself, I run 31 min for a 5 km, it is hard to suddenly improve to 28 min within 2 weeks. Unless I have been doing strength or intervals training
  10. I see there are 6000 teams. As long we complete as a team and perhaps remain top 200, is already good enough. Must say I am not as ambitious as uncle.
  11. @AutumnRunner Yes there are probably faster runners in this forum, but they are not that active currently in the forum probably due to lack of real races for discussion. But your pace is fastest amongst us, so personally I have no issue in you taking up the last slot @kohpapa Uncle, they should at least give out e-cert for teams who completed lah.
  12. Uncle, how to have complete when you finished at 10 km? Don't really understand but at least we have 1 team already completed. Saw SStar Fitness have several teams and their timings are quite good.
  13. @kohpapa Uncle, I think we may not hit top 100 in overall ranking. But top 10 in teams from Singapore still possible lah.
  14. Sure. I will do the run tomorrow or wed, when the weather permits.
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