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  1. The design at back of shirt looks like 2XU...
  2. If in future Sundown and SCSM comes in the same month or 1 month apart, I will probably choose to run 10K or HM for Sundown and FM for SCSM.
  3. If held in June will be too close to Sundown. And Income, 2XU runs are usually around the same period or just slightly earlier.
  4. Respect Soh's passion for running. It take great discipline to maintain those training regime.
  5. 70,000 is a full stadium of people. Doubt all these sites add up got even 10,000 people? I rather just have 1,000 people cheering for us when we ran through the city areas.
  6. Running a FM in these hilly places is a challenge!
  7. Yes, will be good to try for this year's scsm. Have options to forgo the event shirt, finisher and medal! So many participants will reduce even more waste. For people like me, I save on the cost too! I believe many frequent runners don't need especially the shirts but majority would want to retain the medals.
  8. Oh, I had thought pacers are by invitation only. Didn't know can apply to sign up!
  9. Uncle, wealth of information here! Can I ask for short distance of 250 m in the (discovery category), is swimming in breast stroke ok?
  10. starfinder

    Ultra Runs!

    Uncle, what is the distance from beach to bedok jetty end. Got 100 m? Also the floatation buoy, how is it to be secured to the swimmer in open water? I have seen swimmers attaching some kind of float between their thighs so I am wondering if this is the one. Would like to ask you: what stretching to do before swimming to prevent leg cramps. What we can do if encounter cramps halfway in open waters?
  11. Actually I prefer most races whether running or cycling to waive the event shirt. When we participate many races in a year, we don't really get to wear them all on normal days. So we save money too! This year's OCBC Cycle is probably the first in giving participants this option, though Income Eco Run gives option to waive the finisher shirt and medal for zero waste runners.
  12. starfinder

    Ultra Runs!

    Uncle, you are so into ultras. Got any plan to do one of the 4 Desert Race?
  13. Hi Lady Ice, Registration for OCBC starts next week - 8 Jan. Official launch is on 7 Jan. You may be keen. https://www.ocbccycle.com/ This year's edition is relatively cheaper, as you have option not to have the event shirt/jersey.
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