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  1. I would never even consider as it is way too expensive. Also I had run at Tampines before, so I know the paths are not conducive for a mass run
  2. It is easy to say sorry after they got the revenue in. I looked at the price, especially the VIP package, and it is more than $100! Too ex for a 5 km run. I will only pay this amount for the Spartan race.
  3. From the numerous negative comments in their FB, think it is far worse than YOLO.
  4. If it is the organizer's first time organizing a race, perhaps they could plan it as safer venue, such as a park. There can be plenty of lessons to be learned from park venue as well. Tampines is a high traffic area and the pavements may not be broad enough to accommodate 4,000 runners. Looking at these comments, it seems to me the organizer is just out to make a quick profit by putting in a theme to attract participants.
  5. The event is unique becos this is the only we can run in the zoo. Actually if registered with kids, it is worth it as it doubles as a family outing.
  6. Thanks Bro. For me, to take every 30 mins means almost every 5 km got to take 1 tablet. I may just adjust it to longer distance as drinking sports drinks helps to replenish electrolytes too.
  7. Thanks Bro. Where can I purchase such product? And any advice on interval of consumption?
  8. Yes, consistent long distance training will help. As I run that distance only once a week, I think got to prepare such 'supplements' to be on safe side.
  9. No problem Bro. I guess these tablets should be able to be purchase from Guardian. I got some cramps when I run into 28 km. I guess partly is because lack of salt intake as I took just gel and plain water all the way.
  10. Bro, could you share more about the salt tablets you take?
  11. There are other women's only run, such as Shape Run, and from what I read, they are well organized and the race entitlements are good. I hope to have a all-men's run too. LOL. The only race with comes close to this must be the Army Half Marathon run.
  12. Well, go for zoo run then. Or else got to wait a few years...
  13. SG races are known to be more expensive compared to elsewhere in the region. For myself, I am cutting down the number of local races to attend, especially those I went before and the routes are similar. I may rather spend the money go elsewhere once in while, for new experiences and memories.
  14. Will probably go for this run. Had always wanted to go but put off by the price even though it includes admission. If not, got to wait for some years before they organize again.
  15. Doesn't make sense it should be cheaper than the super early birds. As for gels, I will still bring along even though they may provide.
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