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  1. Not sure about SCSM platform, but I upload my running records in spacebib exactly like what sicklycat described. Very clear cut. I believe The Star Wars VR has lesser participants compared to ST, being more expensive and just a medal as entitlement.
  2. Yes, it is. But I believe bulk of runners may not even be aware of the apps issues and even if they do, those running only 17.5 km will probably not mind. If I participate in the 175 km, then maybe the apps issue will be serious concern as I definitely will be very frustrated if my long distances are not recorded.
  3. For us casual runners, there is no need to run the same routes as the elites. Just plan designated route like what 'Run As One Singapore' is doing.
  4. For SCSM finale, I hope they will have designated routes to run instead of running our 'favourite routes' or 'anywhere'. It will feel 'more like a race'.
  5. Agree with bros lonewolf and AutumnRunner, there is probably no winner in this case. Both have contributed and represented country. Got to move on.
  6. @kohpapa Uncle, see what in this picture? A white figure lying on the ground? Uncle thinking too much at the hort park issue lah
  7. I am also considering becos of the app. Afraid to have lots of frustrations using it even though my intention is just the short 17.5 km.
  8. I think is ok as long don't run at cemetery or past people burning offerings But I do have friends who choose not to cycle or swim during this month!
  9. There are some runners asking if alternative apps can be used instead of MOVE. From their official replies seem that it is firmed only can use MOVE.
  10. Yes, I read about its bad reviews too. I was wondering why they don't allow us to use others such as runkeeper and strava.
  11. I personally find the design of finisher shirt ok, at least compared to the last 2 years. Guess I will sign up for the 17.5 km category. Price is too reasonable to miss it
  12. Looking at the fees and entitlements, I would select ST Run over CSC and Real Run.
  13. Great to see Uncle come back....and with updates!
  14. It is great to read some of you are doing virtual runs although previously have not really endorsed them. Yes, they can be a form of motivation to get out there to exercise. It can be decently cheap too. I usually opt for the medals only and to be frank, even though not ELM, these medals can be of much better quality than many of the races I went.
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