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  1. squareone

    Looking for good TCM physicians

    Physiotherapy is definitely a better option because exercise prescription is outside the scope of TCM. While TCM is perfect for pain/symptom relief (especially acupuncture - it is included in back pain recommendations worldwide), back to sports is a completely different ball game! If you are open to it, you can also consider seeing a chiropractor/sports chiropractor. Check out these articles from Harvard Medical School: Where to turn for low back pain relief Chiropractic care for pain relief You can also check out a blog entry we wrote a while ago - Why should I see a chiropractor? Quite a number of links are missing when we did a web revamp. We are still in the process of getting them back into the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! ETA: If you are looking for a physio, we can connect you with some one from UFIT who will be suitable!
  2. squareone

    Dull Pain on Right Shin

    You don't have to go straight to a sports doctor. You can try a sports physiotherapist or a sports chiropractor first. You would one some one who is trained with athletic injuries with a focus to get you back to sports. This will involve rehabilitation and strength-training! You'd probably find this post interesting: Surprising Lessons From Watching The World's Best Runners. I practise as a sports chiropractor in clarke quay - my details on my profile. If you prefer a physio, I can get you in touch with some one at UFIT who would be suitable for you. As far as sports doctor goes, most of my patients see Dr. Cormac O Muircheartaigh from The Sports Medicine Lab.
  3. When I was looking for a chiropractor for my father back in 2015, I remembered calling over ten chiropractic clinics in Singapore to ask for their fees. The phone conversions ended badly. It was a frustrating experience. Not only did their websites not have a fee structure of any kind, the receptionists were not able to advise on the costs involved over the phone as well. “It depends on the doctor’s findings during your first visit”, so they say. Read more at: https://squareone.com.sg/resources/how-much-does-it-cost-to-see-a-chiropractor-in-singapore/