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  1. Thanks for the reply! It's difficult to precisely pinpoint the exact location of the pain. When I press on the general area, there flesh immediately bounces back. No swelling that I can detect, just pain. Not sure if it'll help, but the pain is worst in the mornings, when I put my weight on my feet immediately after getting up from bed.
  2. Hello friends, made an account to ask a quick question. A bit of background, I have been training for a 21km half marathon at the end of the year. I am 90kg, 183cm tall, and I run with a midfoot strike. Been running regularly for the past year or so, but low mileage of around 10km total a week. About 2 months ago I have been getting pain in my right shin. I would describe the pain as very dull, around 5-10cm above my right ankle and towards the inside (closer to the body centerline). Funnily enough the pain goes away during the run, but comes back immediately after. Does this sound like shin splits or a stress fracture? And are there any sports doctors you could recommend for my injury? Thanks a lot!
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