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  1. No one will say you're a mute if you keep quiet.

  2. stupidity has no cure

  3. hahaha.. its ok.. i also smell dust.. sometimes dust also cant smell. the dust already settled when i reach the spot. hahaha..
  4. hmmm.. it depends on who in TFB you're following.. can be 4.00 pace to 6.30 pace. depends on your comfort level i guess..
  5. DR, nice seeing u and the familiar faces at ECP yesterday. it was a nightmare race.. hahaha.
  6. fatbird teams for TNF100? hahaha.. i signed up already.. what time do u all usually finish running? tomorrow i need to rush to shower and go off on a lunch appointment.
  7. ultra choon? oh my.. dat means he's getting even faster.. i know the Kingfisher training is on but i cant attend.. my AHM training on sat starts at 0715hrs. and the tues and thurs training clashes with i-run too. sigh. oh well, hopefully can catch up with you all soon..
  8. since when is a run with uncle choon slow? haha. long time no see everyone.. how's everyone doing?
  9. Once again, thanks for every thing during the run!! From words of encouragements, drinks, food, and cramp prevention services. Not to mention the pre-race trainings conducted. I would never have made it without the support. Thanks to DO, DR, Brokie, Mashie, Esther, Beng, Suan, Li Lian, Frootloops and the many others whom i cant recall right now.. Brain dead already. hahaha.
  10. wah... you are excited? good! this time last year, i could only say i was scared. hi brokie.. didn't manage to join in the last few i-runs and nighthawk series as my unit gearing up for ahm already.. actually, its a bit of both excitement and apprehension since its my first ultra.. but also because TFB and the nighthawk series has prepared me to a certain extent.. btw, saw john doing last min training just now at ECP..
  11. my goodness.. i'm so excited.. 5 more days to go..
  12. nice seeing so many familiar faces during this morning's run. too bad i cannot join in due to training.. hope's all well with the last run in the nighthawk series.. looking forward to the next series when SCSM is drawing near. all the best to everyone participating in SD next week.
  13. sat morning cannot join u all.. got training.. hahaha.. most prob will bump into everyone along ECP.. 1 impt question, will there be a support table and who do we link up with? it will be a life support for those doing 84.. hahaha..
  14. that car park seems to be pretty small and have to go early to get parking. especially fri nite where lots of ppl will be the having bbq etc..
  15. its been awhile since i joined TFB.. but last night i had fun.. really great to see the members of TFB once again..
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