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  1. warp9wb

    Marina Run 2019 - 23 Feb (Sat)

    Based on the FAQ from their website, there will be bridging bus service to Stadium MRT https://www.marinarun.com.sg/faq Free shuttle bus service from Stadium MRT station CC6 to Gardens by the Bay East at Rhu Cross <-----> (Return shuttle service between Stadium MRT & Gardens by the Bay East will run from 3:30pm to 11:30pm (on a first come first serve basis).
  2. Issues related to split distances are far more common, based on my own personal experience. Hence, I would not be too hung up about it and disregard the split pacing. (Overall pace is screwed up anyways due to the 9k distance) That being said, being 1Km short in a 10Km race is a more serious and rare issue. Given that participants paid to run a set distance (as opposed to running for free), it is important and a basic requirement for organizers to get the distance correct.
  3. I observed something very strange with the race results. https://www.sportstats.ca/display-results.xhtml?raceid=97841 There appears to be a huge time gap between the person who finished in 35:54 and the next finisher who finished in 57:57. It seems inconceivable that such a 22 min gap exists among the finishers. The only reason I could think of (my speculation) was that there was some sort of timing fault, such that finishers that finished in that 22 min window failed to get their results captured properly. Any comments from anyone who knows more about this issue?
  4. It would be interesting to see how the attendance for this year's event varies against previous years, given all the negative publicity and history.
  5. warp9wb

    SG Run 2018 6 Oct 18

    Race results have been released. http://results.racetime.sg/cgi-bin/common/results/um2018/search.pl
  6. Agree that it is a cultural thing. Singaporeans lead busy lives in general and are not conditioned to wait at the side of the road to cheer on complete strangers. In addition, i think additional factors include timing (flag off at 4:30am, who will wake up so early just to cheer?), as well as the heat (starts to get hot from 9am onwards, especially in areas without shade). In order to have any chance of this, the organizers at the very least need strong government and media support in order to create a campaign of awareness/support for the public to participate.
  7. warp9wb

    Compressport Forest Force 50 2019 - 05 May (Sun)

    I joined on the hill 10k last year. The start time was delayed for about an hour, but that was due to the weather (raining). I have nothing bad to say about the organizer, and enjoyed myself at that event.
  8. Thanks for accepting my humble feedback with grace. Hope there are no hard feelings. ☺️ Actually, I find some of your posts quite funny too (eg: "thanks for stating the obvious haha" in One north Run 2018).
  9. I accept your apology. I admire your capability to reflect on criticism. I apologize for any negative feelings that you may have felt from my post. It was never my intention to rub salt in anyone's wounds, but merely to provide a balancing and hopeful perspective to this topic. If I could offer you a little advise, please be more tactful and less hurtful when you post on this forum. This is not the first time you have hurt me (or others) with your posts. In a previous post (Hooga Run 2018), you sharply criticized Lone Wolf and myself for not being able to spot the terms and conditions, which was definitely not easy to find. If a statement about YOLO, which is not even directed at you is able to trigger you, please spare a thought about triggering your fellow runners in this forum, especially when you are responding directly to them or at their posts. Another example of your critical tone is shown in the MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 forum, where your tone was similarly condescending when responding to beast, when beast made a reasonable point of having enough hydration points for a 21k run. Even if you wanted to make your point, it could have been made in a more tactful, and less hurtful way. Ultimately, we are all runners in this forum and all share a common love for running. A more encouraging, understanding and supportive forum is to everyone's benefit. Just sharing my thoughts and hope to continue contributing to a positive sgrunners forum.
  10. I see that a nuance posting apparently does not register with some people... sigh. Firstly, my post was not meant to "rub salt in our wounds". I was responding to Ender's post where he mentions "Where more than a week still no news on repc". Given the latest news of a REPC, I was just giving a hopeful comment "Hope they can pull it off" that runners who paid good money and spent the time and effort to participate in this race could enjoy a well organized race. Secondly, if i was associated with YOLO, why would I write the words "fiasco YOLO run" or bring up the failed runners league? I even questioned the planned REPC with inverted quotation marks on the word "appear" to be delivering, since they have only claimed but have not delivered yet. Please stop making baseless and inflammatory claims and be more respectful with your posting. Finally, where did i say that participants need to be thankful? While I agree with the general premise of your statement that race organizers should deliver what they advertise, I made no mention of this in my statement. Please use your "eagle-eye" and read posts carefully, and not make baseless claims.
  11. I suddenly feel sorry for YOLO. Take so much shit on this forum, and actually "appear" to be delivering on their claim. Hope they can pull it off and salvage some semblance of their reputation. Note: Neutral observer here, did not participate in the fiasco YOLO run, nor runners league.
  12. warp9wb

    CSC Run by the Bay 2018 - 20 Oct (Sat)

    Metasports is mainly a triathlon organizer, so I think such forms are more common in that space due the increased dangers of open water swimming and biking. If the form really is essential, they will definitely have blank forms for participants to sign on the spot when collecting the race pack.
  13. warp9wb

    2XU Compression Run 2019 - 07 Apr (Sun)

    Organized runs are smart to "save the date", due to the large number of runs in the current running calendar. I wish runs could spread themselves out more throughout the course of the year. April-September appears to be the peak period for running events. Not many such events in the Oct-Jan period (except for Stand Chart + a few others).
  14. Started in Wave 2, near the front. Had to weave through crowds of people from Wave 1, and it was only until about 9km or so where there was more space. Bottlenecks at Gardens by the Bay (where it was narrow, too crowded and there was no way even to weave through). Water points were crowded, especially the earlier ones. There were twice where I grabbed a cup and it was yet to be filled. On the flip slide, other aspects of logistics were good, especially considering the number of participants. Wait for bag deposit/collection was reasonable (esp compared to Standard Chartered 2017)
  15. warp9wb

    National Day Coney Island Run 2018 - 29 Jul (Sun)

    Well said. I think its the usual case of people wanting stuff to be cheap and good. Wanted to join, but was committed to the Trifactor event on the same day.