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  1. My review (Half-Marathon, Pen B ) Baggage deposit was seamless; lots of portable toilets (probably the most I've ever seen in an SG race). 5 min delay between Elites & Pen A, and Pen B was good... cleared up the route. No congestion whatsoever. Damn big adrenaline kick at the start. Tried slowing down but was 'pushed along' by the enthusiastic crowd. Getting overtaken left right centre despite running sub-4:30/km for 1st 2kms. The GPS bouncing along the Keppel area was quite disorienting. Should've worn a footpod. WCH after the U-turn was mentally draining. Crowd thin
  2. Totally agree... I frequently do 10ks or HMs and clock about 40km/week. I think of myself as a decent HM runner, but to 'upgrade' to the FM is a whole new level of pain... you really really need condition yourself by clocking the kms (at least 80km/week methinks), otherwise you'll really start feeling the cramps after 25km. I attempted the FM 3 times about 8-10 years ago and don't ever want to do another one again - not in SG at least!
  3. Wonder what pace(s) these runs are conducted in... am looking for people to push me for sub-5:00/km hahha
  4. Signed up for HM category, Pen B (sub 1:45 timing). Had to submit proof via a URL. I think this is the first time I'm doing something like this for a local race. Good move to discourage overcrowding at the start pens further in front. Haven't done a proper SCSM Half-Marathon for about 10 years, so am looking forward to it!
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