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  1. ov3rw3ight


    Hi guys, I stay in Alexandra View. Anyone up for a run? I prefer running 7km and more at one go..
  2. ov3rw3ight

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here... been running modestly since 2011 (about 800km/year). Since then, I've completed 3 FMs and about 15 HMs in SG and MY... looking for more exciting overseas races in the coming years. Somehow, and despite all that, I never thought about looking for a running forum in Singapore... well, until now! Do reply to say hi, and who knows, maybe we would see each other at some upcoming race/run
  3. ov3rw3ight

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2018

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum! I recently signed up for the Asics Half-Marathon @ GCAM '18 and was wondering whether any of you awesome peeps will be there as well?