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  1. Wow... registration slip said I signed up for <1:45 category but confirmation slip said I signed up for <3:30 category. Unbelievable. Let's hope it was a technical error!
  2. Totally agree... I frequently do 10ks or HMs and clock about 40km/week. I think of myself as a decent HM runner, but to 'upgrade' to the FM is a whole new level of pain... you really really need condition yourself by clocking the kms (at least 80km/week methinks), otherwise you'll really start feeling the cramps after 25km. I attempted the FM 3 times about 8-10 years ago and don't ever want to do another one again - not in SG at least!
  3. Wonder what pace(s) these runs are conducted in... am looking for people to push me for sub-5:00/km hahha
  4. Signed up for HM category, Pen B (sub 1:45 timing). Had to submit proof via a URL. I think this is the first time I'm doing something like this for a local race. Good move to discourage overcrowding at the start pens further in front. Haven't done a proper SCSM Half-Marathon for about 10 years, so am looking forward to it!
  5. I've got a slot for the HM. Is anyone else running?
  6. Threw my name into the ballot for the 21km category (registered under Malaysian address - that's why need to ballot). Any other runners confirm going? Did the HM also in 2016 and 2017, but I think the route this year and last year was slightly different?
  7. Yesterday was my first ever FM, which I attempted with only a single long run (above 22km) and 1 gel. Paid the price after 27km once the sun started to say hello and my legs didn't feel like cooperating, so I walked off the course and went home. That my mom stays near ECP probably influenced my decision too hahaha Pity that my 5km splits were quite consistent up till this point. I normally participate in smaller 10km/HM races, which I start near the front, so yesterday's experience of starting in Pen E - with the sheer numbers ahead of me - was quite overwhelming. The zig-zagging between human traffic really takes it toll...
  8. NUS, definitely... the slopes at Prince George's Park and Yusof Ishak Hall are killer!
  9. Yup! I went for it in 2015... definitely not a flat course.
  10. Hi guys, I stay in Alexandra View. Anyone up for a run? I prefer running 7km and more at one go..
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