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  1. I would say even if you're a fast runner you would still be upset with the race route. Soh Rui Yong had a bike clearing 2:30 HMers in front of him at 36.5-39km. But I don't think those slower elite male and female marathoners will enjoy it when they don't have these bikes with them. Probably should plan the HM to finish at different location/route.
  2. Did only 4:01. Was on 5min/I'm pace till 20km mark and pushing the pace to try and hit 3:30. But then can feel my right calves start to tighten. So started walking 2-3mins at every water station. Very important thing is to sleep the night before. On the baggage queue, I hardly used them after queuing for 1.5hours during SCSM2011. It really disrupts your preparation as you can't warm up much standing in the queue. So what I did then is to bring along my ez link card if I'm taking public transport or bring along just my car keys. 1 thing have to comment. I was in pen A and saw the Kenyan half-marathoners in Pen B. Why can't they just start together with the elite full marathoners. Almost blocked them at 3km mark when they overtook me from the left.
  3. Probably will be parking at Fort Canning or Adelphi nearer to Padang side. Then walk 2km to the start line. Probably target to reach there around 3.30am.
  4. Sharing my race plans here and see if I had missed out anything. Trying to hit my 1st 3:30 and PB. For 1st 1-2km, will go out at around 5:20min/km pace. Noticed the 1st 12km of the race have a lot of twist and turns around Orchard/Bugis/CBD area. So trying to hit 12km mark at slightly above 1hour. Taking a gel at 12.1km water point. After that we will enter Marina Bay area and into ECP which will be wide roads and smooth running. So pick up the pace to slightly sub 5min/km and hit 24km mark around 1h59mins and below. Taking 2nd gel at 22.2km water point. Then while exiting ECP, will grab the gel at 25.1km water point and take it at 33.5km water point. Will start to keep myself comfortable from this water point onwards and go slightly slower all the way until 36-37km in order to cater for the BIG flyover. Hoping to hit 36km around 2h58mins and below before taking that flyover. Will slow down to maybe around 5:30-5:40min/km crossing the bridge and try to hit 38km mark around 3h09mins. If I'm not having cramps by 39.8km, then will speed up and try to hit a 11min 2.4 to finish sub 3:30.
  5. LeoLee

    Marina Run 2018 - 10 Feb (Sat)

    Will be doing the 21km as my race tune-up for Nagano Marathon on 15 Apr. I was looking around for HM races end Feb to early Mar but is unable to find any hence I settled for this one. My requirements are very simple since it's not a full marathon. - Hassle free REPC - Don't screw up the route (no obstacles, 1-2 drinks stations for whole 21km is OK since I normally do my 2 hours long run with 0 drinks) My guess is since there's really not much running events during Feb-Mar and there are quite a few major events going on in the world of running (London, Boston, Big Sur etc...), people will still run this if they have a full marathon to run in Apr.