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  1. Haibei1971

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    Do you think any noticeable benefit for arm sleeve? I am still not making decision to buy one, just feel this arm stuff looks 'unnatural' for leg running...😎
  2. Haibei1971

    ST Run 2018 - 23 Sep (Sun)

    not sure if stadium basement carpark still accessible since some roads blocked...the open air carpark looks safe
  3. Brother, I feel you...I got 3 min delay, and I passed nearly 3k ppl. Very interesting experience. Lucky to escape from the big jam and also no need to queue for water. There is always some reward for the early birds, especially in big run event.
  4. YH90, very impressive, you polished ur PB by 15 minutes. Hope more in coming years... So u think those fast soldiers are mostly normal soldiers like u. Are there commandos in this run?
  5. I also believe there should be many army commando elites in this run, super fast..hundreds soldiers finished in 1:20-1:40 timing. 💪
  6. I would suggest next time they could collected the past event timing data to put ppl into diff waves with diff color BIB (like what this year Sundown was doing). This should be the easiest way to reduce congestion make runners feel better. Any high-rank army officer here to see this suggestion?
  7. Very good race review by AutumnRunner.👍👍 it took me almost 20 minutes to deposit bag. The queue is very long.
  8. Haibei1971

    King of the Trails - 11 Mar, 18 Aug, 22 Sep, 25 Nov

    So, the difficulty for last Saturday Bukit Timah run is considered to be 'entry level'...😭 Can't imagine the hard-level, I might die half way. I still didn't recovered from the back pain and sour legs caused by this run, even at a much much slower pace than road HM run. Usually I can get fully recovered in 24 hours after a road HM... Looks like trial run is really a fierce animal and very different from road run.
  9. Haibei1971

    King of the Trails - 11 Mar, 18 Aug, 22 Sep, 25 Nov

    It was a just-nice rain...if thunderstorm downpour, ppl might hv a diff mode. 😃 A big mud puddle somewhere in the route, i think most runners got their shoes dirty. 😝 Overall, it was a good TRUE trial run.
  10. Thanks AutumnRunner. Need to be an early bird to get a good start position, as ppl say this run is notoriously crowded.
  11. Alamak....it would be a super giant wave, super army force.💪💪
  12. Any one can advise if there will be any different waves by BIB number or color (according to the estimated finish time keyed in registration)? Just like sundown one. This looks an extremely crowded run...
  13. Haibei1971

    SG Run 2018 6 Oct 18

    Will be a little challenging. 5:30pm-6:30pm, the sun is still hot...
  14. Haibei1971

    OXFITT Run Till Dark 2018 - 21 Jul (Sat)

    out of 700+ ppl, 50 men plus 50 women can get a set of $168 running gear. ratio looks not bad...:) hope other races can learn and do the same...maybe a 10 dollar mascot or trophy will serve the purpose.
  15. Haibei1971

    OXFITT Run Till Dark 2018 - 21 Jul (Sat)

    Any one could suggest where to find photos for this run? I check running shot and pink apple, don't hv... Thanks a lot.