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  1. My old Garmin 235 showed 20.61 for this run, and a few weeks back, 20.76 for 2XU. More and more watershrink in HM route length?....thinking positively, many ppl will have new HM PB, good encouragement for ppl and good for the running event. It is not Olympic standards and most of us are amateurs, so we don’t have to be too critical on the exact route length, running with fun? heard the emcee mentioned there are 2.x k ppl run 21km, not sure if my hears heard the right thing
  2. Lonewolf, your info looks very insightful...? Do you think all running events here should publish similar auditor report? Any findings on 2XU compression run auditor report?
  3. Haha...? I just want to know how much their faces worth...
  4. Any accountant runners here? "They definitely made a profit. The registration fees collected probably used as cash flow somewhere else, either pay previous debts, make deposits/down payments or other investments. " Can estimate some details on the above? KPS In: 15k+ runners, total registration fee collected is ~1 million KPS Out: 15k+ runners singlet and Tee $??? Paid Hire PA $??? Paid Hire photographer $??? Paid or Unpaid Hire racetime to provide result $??? Unpaid I guess the last item is quite significant, and dragging happened.
  5. Can consider installment payment? Party A pay Party B one hundred dollars each day, then day by day we can have results for 1 thousand runners each day...from last to first.?? maybe photos in same way...
  6. As I said, if PA really want to wash itself white from this issue, there is much more it can do rather than keeping popping out such kinds of “cheap statements”. They can release more detail information about those “contractual obligations “ , any legal action on motion against KPI in progress, or get a statement issued from KPI...I bet a lot of ppl not buying it...yes, you can say it is their business confidential no need to let us know, but to us runners, who could care about us if we don’t care about ourselves? If you live in Singapore, you might have witnessed many businesses scum happening in Sim Lim Square in the past decades...things really happen, likely in other kinds of business. We are too small to change any thing. I just want to free some of my unhappiness about PA, although I know nothing could be changed.?
  7. Simplify the logic and no further cloudifying the situation, please! No one is interested in their internal messy stuff. Runners only know the event organiser name and only have one anchor point- Pink Apple. Just like there is a chain-crash in highway, you only claim the car behind you.
  8. Looks A cheap statement from PA again...?
  9. This little “promenade “ is sth not favourable to those honest runners IMO. I think organisers should also try to avoid including into the “official route”. If no check point there, there are many many ppl taking the shortcut.??
  10. Kudos to lonewolf... today I collected Race pack(my 3rd consecutive Eco Run). I think there is sth missing in the BIB, the date and venue. If someday we become very old and want to show off these stuff to our grandchildren, it might be difficult to tell which BIB is which year....? unless we have a wonderful sorting like lonewolf ?
  11. Any one know which party collected runners registration ?? PA or KPI? if it is KPI, then it could be understood why PA hold the results. if it is PA, then our innocent runners should not be dragged into the issues between them.
  12. Let’s pray this saga end tomorrow...?? The longer this thing is dragging, the more damage...to the image for both Pink Apple and 2XU ?
  13. Any story behind? It was said the result tabulated datasheet is ready. Whose job to collected and publish these data? by Pink Apple? Is PA the event boss? What “obligation “not fulfilled by Key Power? KP is a subcontractor? Is it a quality issue or money ? issue?
  14. The norm of Marathon events results publishing should be lightening fast...these are digital info and handled by professional sport service provider. This run - 2XU is said to be one of the major 4 local running events. Quality fades away...
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