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  1. Thank you for the update. I didn't expect that we got eCert this year. Actually based on my experience in the past years, for 10KM category we got both runner tee and finisher tee every year. In 2018 got medal but no eCert, in 2019 got neither medal nor eCert, this year no medal but got eCert. Whichever comes, all good.
  2. Then probably some spectators will complain that the race venue is too far, very inconvenient to access there. We can't make 100% people 100% satisfied.
  3. No doubt, the measurement of road race courses in SCSM is accurate, and it's trustworthy. The GPS watch will be less accurate when runners pass through CBD area.
  4. How time flies~~ the first race of 2020 is around the corner. Race pack collection will be on this Saturday and the next Monday.
  5. As a past participant of 2019, for sure I will put this race on the top priority on my calendar in 2020.
  6. Individual vs. Organization = Component vs. System = Arm (even finger) vs. Thigh...... Most likely the thigh will always win, why? because "The arm can't twist the thigh". Of course sometimes the "win" doesn't look graceful and even looks fugly...
  7. Yeah, that experience was impressive and great!
  8. Totally agree with your point. Who did free up this person from Mars? GPS watch is not always accurate, especially when running through the high building area, for example Raffles Place/CBD area.
  9. I don't think so. The information is misleading...
  10. I second you, YH. One of my friends participated marathon in Tokyo, Berlin, New York and so on, he came to join SCSM on last weekend, to share his comments here: 1. He was surprised that the number of spectators is not as many as he expected, he stayed at hotel at Bras Basah, but he didn't see many advertising banners hung on the street, some people even didn't know what's happening although it's close to the race venue. 2. Due to the race route, the spectators are not able to watch the race closely in some area, for example: WCH, Marina Barrage, the atmosphere is very peaceful, not "high" at all, it feels like a trail race. Just to add my "belated advice": 1. Will it be better if the race route is designed to be in the downtown area and close to the MRT line/MRT stations? Of course the road closure will bring some inconvenience, but since MRT is nearby, the public can take it easily. This will attract more spectators and It's also better than blocking the heavy vehicles/bus from the high way and let them jam into the narrow road. 2. Looking at the weather in this week, will it be better if the race can be scheduled on the coming weekend - Dec7/8, or even the mid of December? I think it will be cooler.
  11. I hope more people saw @Slow Runner your finisher tee, and got inspired, and will SCSM 2020...
  12. 1. Take early lunch at around 11AM, then take early dinner at around 4:30PM, go home at 5PM, arrive at home at 6PM, rest a little bit, take some water and snack, and do warm up, then start running at 7PM... you can run until 9:30PM/10PM. After sunset, it will be cooler and cooler. 2. I'm not a morning person but I don't mind to run in the early morning, actually I ran in lots of mornings in this Oct and Nov to follow my training plan, because I really couldn't find time slot in some busy evening. However, there are two factors which affect my morning run: (a).Temperature/Sunshine. It's still ok, right after sunrise at 7AM, but after 9AM - human BBQ! Hence sometimes I had to get up at 4:30AM/5AM and did LSD. (b).evacuate stomach... this is the most annoying/worrying thing for me, not only during the training but also during the race. Sometimes you have already waken up, but you are not able to wake up your intestine and don't even know when it wakes up. Then suddenly you realize that it starts working, but you are already on the race!!! I had this experience for several times, it feels like: "Currently I'm running, but suddenly I'm about to give birth..." ---------- That's the reason why I prefer evening run, which makes me feel safer...
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