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  1. if you are working in the IT industry, you will roughly know the vendor who built tracking system for SCSM last year...ðŸ˜Ŧ By the way, Sundown Marathon e-Certificate is available for runner to download already, check it out on the website: https://www.sportstats.asia Have a good rest to everyone! 💊 (Tomorrow no MC ya!...ðŸĪĢ)
  2. ZZIZZ

    HOOGA Run 2018 - 29 Sep (Sat)

    Sorry man, I dunno. Thank you for the reminder. 😅😉
  3. ZZIZZ

    HOOGA Run 2018 - 29 Sep (Sat)

    If you participated the "Singapore Kindness Run 2018" at east coast park on last Sunday, you will probably hear about the name of "HooGa+" on the lucky draw section, they also have their App. Looking at their website, the pattern and design looks similar to sg ultra marathon... That's all what I know.
  4. Agreed! 😆ðŸĪĐ😉
  5. This noon passed by the REPC venue, still no queue. We won't know how many (or few) participants this year, until the event day (honestly I'm curious too...)
  6. Agreed. Since I registered the race early, I'm eligible to receive a piece of "Glow-in-the Dark Sundown Marathon Tee", and my bib number label also indicates so, but the volunteer didn't realize that until I reminded her... In general all good, surprisingly I didn't event see any queue, as I passed by there for several times these days. I did even suspect that whether or not the number of participants dropped down in this year... but I know it's not...ðŸĪĢ Well organized so far!
  7. Went to collect the race pack just now, the queue was short and it went smoothly. Please note that the bib number is NOT pre-assigned to the runners (So your name won't be printed on the bib; and it only shows A, B, C as the wave number, but no indication on gender). When you collect bib, the volunteer will assign you a number in sequence (At that moment, your name will be just associated with the bib number.) and indicate your singlet size on the label of the plastic bag. Then you bring the bib number and get into North Wing and collect the bag.
  8. ZZIZZ

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    Yes sir, the official announcement has been made: "This year marks a significant milestone for RAC as we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Singtel-Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer (RAC) and we would like to invite YOU to join us in the fight and run alongside those who are impacted by cancer. The race will be held on 22 July 2018 (Sunday, 7am to 10am) at Angsana Green, East Coast Park." ----- which means it will clash with my schedule, most likely I won't be able to make it this year.... ðŸ˜ĪðŸ˜ĪðŸ˜Ī😭😭😭
  9. Let's see how it goes in the coming four days... 😋
  10. The shelters of the queue have already been set up. See you guys tomorrow. O(âˆĐ_âˆĐ)O~~~
  11. ZZIZZ

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    runningshots has plenty of pictures taken during the race...
  12. ZZIZZ

    Income Eco Run 2018 - 29 Apr (Sun)

    Thank you for the update. Chrome works for me, Microsoft Edge works for me too, but Firefox does not...
  13. http://www.sundownmarathon.com/2018/singapore/race-entry-pack-collection/ "Queue starts from Tower 1 (outside Pasarbella.)"...... Unfortunately there is just a high shelter only outside of Pasarbella, and no AC at all, as it's outdoor... But luckily it's just for Step one, race bib collection; and the other collections are all inside of Suntec city, will be much cooler...
  14. ZZIZZ

    Race Against Cancer 2018 - 22 Jul (Sun)

    Yes sir, I did notice that the event date has already been announced, but... there are other two things make me "cherish illusions" on the date change: 1. the registration hasn't been opened for public yet, so things can be adjusted. 2. If you calculate the COUNTDOWN days (under "SAVE THE DATE" on the home page), you will find it actually points to July 15th, instead of 22nd. Anyway, agreed with AutumnRunner, "Lets wait for more information then..." Thank you guys... ðŸĪŠ
  15. ZZIZZ

    PCCW Global Charity Run 2018 - 27 Jun (Wed)

    Probably the organizer noticed this "mistake" and got it corrected... So I paid for $35 yesterday...