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  1. These are the factors that make me want to sign up this race initially...
  2. I guess the answer is "Almost everything"... Anyway, "No comparison, no disappointment"...
  3. I was a bit frustrated as I missed the deadline of the registration in the last min... But now I feel a bit lucky.
  4. Thank you for the update. 5 months to go~~~
  5. At least this organizer is brave to admit their mistake and take responsibility... Maybe because of lack of experience on organizing running event... "...we would like to apologise unreservedly for not meeting your expectations of the event. We, as event organisers, accept full responsibility for the various mistakes and incompent planning that resulted in your unhappiness...."
  6. Here you are: https://singaporemarathon.com/race-entry-pack-collection/
  7. A very useful and valuable information, thank you for sharing. I would suggest that if you could share it widely, personally I wouldn't know it if you didn't mention it......
  8. I saw you several times in the past races, including SCSM 2018, I overtook you on the West Coast Highway... until after the race, in the forum here I just connected tyre lady with you. I will go and sign the pledge at the REPC this year.
  9. Now I'm really worried about the potential haze coming back.......... It came before f1 and gone after f1... not SCSM is coming soon.....
  10. That's the reason why there is a "International Women's Day", but no "International Men's Day"...
  11. Previously, even half a year ago, as long as I ran further than around 13 - 14KM, for sure muscle cramps will come. Now during the recent 30KM LSDs, I took salt tablets every 6KM, then did never experience cramps; and probably it's also because recently I ran longer and increased mileage. "Fingers crossed"....
  12. Hi, I just got it from my friends. You may want to check with your friend or consult the doctor, as it may make your stomach uncomfortable, so I'm cautious to share it. Thank you for your understanding.
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