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  1. I would say few organizer can be as wise as the organizer of JP Morgan CC race. They rescheduled the race from April 8th to the end of November... "farseeing", right?
  2. Subject updated again~~~ @_@||
  3. Subject updated with new date. Fingers crossed...
  4. Thank you very much for your reminder. I updated that the subject of that thread.
  5. A lot of things keep changing rapidly and dynamically in this special and tough period... We need to be prepared at least mentally for any expected and unexpected changes...
  6. The subject has been updated. Thank you guys.
  7. This is the race that I paid for the least $$ for the registration... 50 cents only... Actually I was hoping whether the organizer could reserve the slot for 2021... I think I'm too greedy....
  8. Start training for 2021 lah... It's never too early to do that....
  9. Is this true? It doesn't look to be a fake news, although it hasn't been announced on FB of SDM https://www.straitstimes.com/sport/coronavirus-may-23-sundown-marathon-cancelled-due-to-covid-19
  10. Yes, this became the back to back race with SDM 2020....
  11. Subtitle: thank you for letting me make decision much easier......
  12. There were few races held in Feb... very few...
  13. Thank you, bro, for the updating.
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